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      Spring Skincare Favourites!

      Winter has wicked way of stealing your natural glow. When the ambient temperature drops the body tries to retain heat diverting blood flow to more central locations, and this causes the outer layers of the skin to become dry and dull with a reduction in the clearance of toxins within skin cells. That cold dry air with its low humidity really batters the skin reducing the skin barrier function triggering cracking and fissuring and that together with a sluggish skin cell renewal causes vital moisture to escape resulting in your complexion resembling a wrinkled old prune!

      So, when winter finally leaves the building taking with it the dark nights and we transition into spring and the lighter longer days, the world suddenly seems brighter and whether its relaxing, exercising or working, springtime beckons us to spend more time outdoors where we are exposed to higher humidity and the warmth of the sun.  Spring is the signal to the peel off the layers and swap out the winter wardrobe (and I don’t just mean clothes) and change up your skincare regime.

      As temperatures ramp up, so too can our oil production. This can mean more sweating and exposure to impurities causing pore blockages or leave skin dull and unable to fully absorb skincare products that keep the complexion healthy. As you would spring clean your home, earn some extra brownie points, and try spring cleaning your skin and treat it to a double cleanse every evening – believe me it is the quickest way to achieve a clearer, smoother, and brighter complexion.  Double cleansing is a two-step routine using two different textured cleansers.  The first cleanse breaks down make-up, SPF, and daily grime and the second cleanse removes toxins and impurities deep within the pores. And if I still haven’t convinced you, consider this – every skincare step post cleanse is redundant if you don’t first clear away the obstruction (make-up, dirt, impurities) that prevent these products from working efficiently. Sold?

      Age Benefit Melting Cleansing Elixir definitely deserves the accolade for the ultimate first cleanse in your end of day cleansing routine. Crafted from a luxurious blend of Oat Lipids and Algae Oil it effortlessly grips any stubborn oils, grime, and debris to sweep away every last trace of the day.  Its velvety texture cocoons skin whilst the addition of age-defying Alfalfa and Pea Peptide work to ward off harmful aggressors, boost collagen production for a supple skin that glows with health.

      And you can certainly count on Collagene Expert Phyto-Radiance Cleanser to complete the cleansing (toning and exfoliating) double act. A multi-tasking dream, this indulgent creamy cleanser is powered by a medley of skin-refining acids including sugar cane, bilberry, and maple and it reaps miraculous results gently sloughing away dead dulling skin cells, uncovering a fresh radiance whilst also minimising the appearance of pores. A vegan formula it also features Phyto Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane sourced from Brazilian sugarcane, which leave your face feeling refreshed, smooth, plump and petal soft.  It is the ultimate cleanser that just keeps on giving.

      Spring is definitely the time to up your exfoliation game as after a long cold winter your skin can’t help but be rough and dry. If your complexion has lost its glow over, it might be time to start fresh and introduce an exfoliating acid to brighten and resurface and slough away any dead skin cells that have built up over the winter months. And what better fruit-fuelled skincare product to do the job than our iconic Radiance Enhancing Gommage, which boasts a formula that has remained unchanged for over three decades quite simply because it works! Catering to rough textures, congestion, dullness, and even fine lines this formula features Glycolic, Malic and Lactic Acid which work together to reduce cohesion between dead, dulling cells triggering skin’s natural resurfacing process.  Fused with Vitamin C not only does it smell luscious, but it tackles dark spots and hyperpigmentation visibly illuminating your complexion.  Here you can definitely glow.

      In the winter, our skin drinks up the hydration from thick and rich moisturisers but come spring we naturally produce more oil and skin retains moisture better so its time to switch to lighter versions. I absolutely love Hydra Aura Water Crème which has an ultra-lightweight fluid texture that thirsty cells gulp down granting an incredible 24 hours of continued hydration. Packed with Marine Extracts and Dead Sea Salt this intensely hydrating formula propels your skin’s moisture levels to dewy heights ending any dew-drought. What I love is the fact this is a really versatile skin solution which you can build into your existing skincare routine - you can use it as the ultimate topcoat, mix it into your serum, add it to a primer, combine it into a neck gel or blend it with hybrid make-up – the possibilities are endless.  Your skin never needs to be apart from this moisture miracle!

      Come spring the neck can finally escape from the polo neck and reveal itself.  Yet after months of being hidden under thick sweaters it can really reveal signs of tell-tale ageing. Much thinner than anywhere else on the body the skin of the neck is vulnerable, susceptible to fine lines and creases and its lack of oil glands lead to decreasing elasticity and early signs of sagging. Defi Lift Firming Neck and Décolleté Gel is hailed a skincare workout for this fragile area that promises to promote a firmer, tauter, and smoother skin in minutes.  The stars of this gel serum are a duo of  Plant Protein Technology and Sorghum Bicolar Juice which quickly combat crepiness, restore suppleness and practically eliminate lines. This is formula so good you will never have to ‘neck-glect’ your throat and décolleté again!

      Winter causes a perfect storm of environmental conditions that instigate rough, dry, bumpy chicken skin on the body. Low-humidity climates, less exposure to sunlight and Vitamin D, too many hot baths or showers, and the smothering of heavy outfits can deplete skin of natural oils and moisture.  Defi Lift Firming and Toning Body Oil should be an essential piece to your spring skincare wardrobe as not only does it add a touch of luxury to your body care routine but it belongs amongst the most effective moisturisers for dry skin taking moisturising from a chore to a full-blown spa experience. A dry body oil, this decadent formula takes your skin from cotton to cashmere whether it is seeking moisture, nourishment, soothing or you wish to improve the tone and texture. Boasting a buffet of rejuvenating actives to nourish, smooth and tone from head to toe you’ve then got the stimulating properties of Pink Pepper and caffeine-rich Coffee Oil which whip uneven skin texture into shape. Oh, and I did I mention it smells beyond divine leaving you wrapped in a fragrant veil of sweet treats.


      So with winter in the rear-view mirror, this is the perfect time to evaluate and refresh your skincare products with small swaps and changes that will really put the ‘spring’ and ‘zing’ back in your skin!


      Lucy x


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