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      Supersize of the Month

      Mélatogénine Futur Plus Anti-wrinkle Radiance Mask.

      They’ve been used for thousands of years and even Queen Cleopatra’s secret to glowing looking skin was to sleep with her golden face mask on! So at the turn of the New Year and the time for making big changes to better ourselves begins the use of a face mask! This should absolutely be part of your 2018 plan.
      As the cold winds sweep through shivering Britain and the central heating gets ramped up to max, there should be a special weather warning for the skin as winter conditions can make your skin look 10 years older!
      Face masks are designed to target specific skin issues and when you are mourning the loss of radiance, the depletion of moisture, or the addition of pesky lines and deep-seated wrinkles a face mask will definitely help.
      Stepping into the world of a Gatineau face mask is like treating your skin to a salon grade facial - it was our founder Jeanne Gatineau who introduced the face mask as an integral part of a skincare regimen and your go-to product in times of skincare emergencies.
      So enter Mélatogénine Futur Plus Anti-wrinkle Radiance Mask, a very special 2-in-1 face and eye treatment which ticks all the boxes. Think of it like a disco-nap for the skin as it offers maximum results with minimal investment time. 
      The opulent creamy formula has been designed with the award-winning Mélatogénine youth molecule capable of preventing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Add to that the hydrating and heroic ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, naturally found in the skin but sadly incredibly depleted with age!  Hyaluronic Acid can hold 1000 times its volume in water so it helps to lock in moisture which then supports a more youthful-looking complexion, as dry skin will only emphasise lines and wrinkles. And of course, this skin-plumping radiance boosting mask wouldn’t be complete without the power of the sea -  in other words Marine Collagen.  This magical marine ingredient is just like a pillow which not only plumps you up on the outside but gives structural support inside.  
      Non-drying, nourishing and nurturing, what is most impressive about this mask is the versatility in which you can use it.  A speedy application, or left on overnight both achieve amazing skin reviving and flawless results, as it very quickly melts into the skin like a face serum.  After cleansing the skin, take a small amount and using the professional mask brush apply a thin layer to the face, neck, décolleté and eyes (you can even cover the lips).  Leave for 10 minutes and remove any last traces (although there won’t be much left!) and finish with your usual serum and moisturiser.  Alternatively leave on overnight and in the morning cleanse the skin as part of your daily routine.  This skin-saving icon really will bring your skin back to life!
      Lucy x

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