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      Supersize AHA Body Lotion 1L!

      This year has been full of festivities as Gatineau continues to celebrate a major milestone and the brand becomes 90 years old! And in true commemorative style we have so far made it a year to remember bringing you some really innovative Product Launches, Limited Edition Iconic Favourites and Sensational Supersizes - and the celebrations are not over yet!


      The name Gatineau is synonymous with being the age-defying experts in the world, but we are also renowned for our heritage classics; the die-hard products that have really stood the test of time! Having been lucky enough to work with Gatineau for over twenty years I have had the pleasure of benefiting from these old favourites so when I heard that we were MEGA-SIZING one of my all-time favourites - Gatineau’s AHA Body Lotion, into a ONE LITRE pump bottle as an October QVC exclusive to commemorate our big birthday, I felt it surely deserved its own blog! 


      There is just something about the allure of the classic’s and its more than something that sits purely on my heartstrings of nostalgia – AHA Body Lotion, a formula that has remained unchanged over the past two decades, is a serious body lotion and a ‘timeless member’ of the Gatineau portfolio which has most certainly earned its right to sit amongst the heritage ‘hall of fame’ eternals.


      The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it doesn’t stop at your chin, yet we tend to forget our body skin especially when it isn’t on show. There are a lot of perpetrators which can cause dry, itchy, and seasonally parched skin especially as we get older. Extreme changes in temperature and long hot showers both zap vital moisture out of the skin and with the long harsh winter brings serious lack of sun and that essential Vitamin D which plays an integral role in skin rejuvenation and protection. Hibernating skin buried under layers of clothing impede cellular renewal and prevent vital skin oxygenation quite often leave you looking like a Tyrannosaurus rex - in other words covered in scales. Then there are the hormonal changes associated with menopause including the plummeting oestrogen levels which slow down oil production reducing the body’s ability to retain moisture and triggering increased inflammation and discomfort.


      Perfect for dry, textured, and dehydrated skin, AHA Body Lotion is a lightweight lotion that really goes the extra mile as it extends the nourishing properties of barrier boosting botanicals to your entire body. Replenishing as it resurfaces, strengthening as it restores elasticity, and deeply nourishing it supplements skin’s own defences while locking in moisture to maximise spring and resilience.


      Whether you are suffering from rough, bumpy skin, razor bumps, have an ultra-thirsty reactive complexion or simply in search of a small luxury to lift your mood, AHA Body Lotion is a moisturising godsend as it whips dull, devitalised skin into supple baby-soft shape. It’s luxuriously silky as it melts effortlessly into the skin for a never greasy finish (you can dress immediately) and its famous decadent scent lightly lingers without being overwhelming. A skin-repairing saviour it will be a welcome addition to anybody’s routine right now.


      Lucy x

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