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      Spring 'Blooming' Skincare

      As we bid adieu to the chilly days of winter, it’s time to welcome the warmth of spring. A time when we throw open the windows to let in some fresh air and take some time to do some ‘spring cleaning’ it’s also a great opportunity to do a little maintenance on your skin. With Spring’s arrival your skin craves renewal and rejuvenation. During this transition as chirping birds and blooming flowers return, our skin is less exposed to cold dry conditions but rather experiences an increase in high levels of moisture in the air.  With all these rapid changes occurring in the environment it’s wise to stay ahead of Mother Nature, so with my tips and tricks for ‘spring skincare’ your skin will be equipped like a suit of armour to keep it happy, healthy, and glowing.  

      Spring Clean your skincare shelf.

      Just as you spring clean your home it’s time to declutter your skincare shelf.  Toss out any expired products and take stock of what you have left.  Clean your make-up brushes and beauty tools as these can accumulate bacteria and dead skin cells which when transferred to the skin can be a fast-track to breakouts and inflammation.

      Gentle Silk Cleanser and Toner Duo

      Try double cleansing.

      Whether relaxing, working, or exercising, springtime weather beckons us to go out and enjoy it.  This may mean our skin will face a barrage of pollutants, make-up, sunscreen, and excess oils throughout the day of which can clog pores and leave skin dull and unable to fully absorb skincare products meant to help it stay healthy. (As skincare aficionados we’re always on the hunt for that secret weapon to unlock the door to radiant glowing skin).  In the vast world of skincare routines there’s one technique that’s been gaining significant traction – double cleansing - and the benefits are manifold. Firstly, it ensures your skincare products can penetrate more deeply as they’re not battling through layers of make-up and grime. Secondly it helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts AND last but not least it gives you the coveted radiant glow as your skin is squeaky clean and finally able to breathe. (you wouldn’t wash a muddy car without removing the build-up first, right?)

      Our perfect cleansing partners Gentle Silk Cleanser and Gentle Silk Toner make for the seamless primary cleanse. Equal parts effective and decadent, these replenishing formulas are designed to dissolve every last trace of residual make-up and dirt while helping to swiftly replenish cells’ reservoirs. And allowing you to delve MUCH deeper with your cleansing ritual Radiance Enhancing Gelee Cleanser is a powerful exfoliating wash powered by Caviar Lime fruit AHA’s and Vitamin C that works into a rich foam clearing out pores whilst maintaining radiance and hydration.  From tackling congestion to gently resurfacing skin that’s in need of a glow up this beautifully scented wash effectively purges skin of daily pollutants and blemish-inducing bacteria and is perfect as a morning or second cleanse – these three beauties will start your skincare routine as you mean to go on!

      Radiance Enhancing Gommage

      Exfoliate away dead skin.

      If you want to leave all remnants of winter behind, a deep exfoliation at the beginning of spring will do wonders not only for your skin but for your overall self-care ritual. Our skin can become dry and flaky during winter months and while dry skin cells may naturally fall off, some stay behind, and this can lead to congested pores and a dull complexion. If you don’t have time in your busy schedule to squeeze in a results-driven facial to revive your complexion and recover lost lustre, say hello to Radiance Enhancing Gommage, a non- abrasive resurfacing exfoliant packed with a supporting cast of fruit acids including Glycolic, Malic, and Lactic.  Fabulous for all skin types this twice weekly heavenly treatment dissolves dead and dull skin cells that inhibit fresh, radiant skin from rising to the surface whilst jumpstarting the renewal process. A 360 degree treatment for complexions in crisis, it’s smoothing, elasticising, hydrating and lends some serious luminosity that’ll have you rolling in confidence.

      Hydra Aura Water Cream

      Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

      One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to keep it hydrated. Spring skincare can be much lighter than their winter counterparts as warmer temperatures allow the skin to produce a higher amount of natural lipids which help to lock in moisture and keep the skin hydrated for longer. So, swap out your heavy creams for Hydra Aura Water Cream a water-based and weightless formulation which sends waves and waves of hydration, so your skin isn’t left feeling high and dry.  As it glides effortlessly over the face and neck, it is quite literally over-flowing with Marine based hydrating Actives that work together to bathe skin in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids whilst the blend of Barbary Fig and Shea Butter deliver dew-it-all-comfort and a calming and soothing sensation. This is your skin’s ‘Spring’ recharging dream to leave you in hydrated harmony.

      Miracle Eye Contour Cream

      Go for Glow

      Spring is a time for renewal and transformation and what better way to embrace this season of change than by updating your make-up routine. As we age the terrain of our faces creates ways for heavy formula make-up to crease, cake and migrate, but I have a secret to unlocking a fresh-looking ‘spring’ soft focus make-up look. Miracle Eye Contour is a little multi-tasking tube of wonder that works as a real life filter. Fine lines? Dark circles? Broken capillaries? - all can be evened out and filled in with Miracle Eye Contour as it works seamlessly in all scenarios and makes skin more bare-able! The secret to the formula is the light scattering pigments that fit to your unique skin tone not only blurring and illuminating but prepping skin for that flawless-looking polished complexion. Designed to work with your skin, it not only blends with ease but thanks to Vitamin B3 (AKA Niacinamide) and Aloe Vera its deeply hydrating, fine line plumping and diminishes signs of fatigue.  This is a must-have in the make-up bags of anyone that loves the ‘no make-up’ make-up look yet ensures you look ‘Zoom-ready’ all day long.

      So, as the beauty of the world bursts into life consider this your cue……..

      Lucy x

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