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      Pre and Post Workout Skincare Tips

      If there’s one resolution that makes it to almost everyone’s new year ‘new me’ list it is getting back into exercising. Whichever way you choose to stay fit whether it’s a treadmill run, 100 lengths of the pool or a killer Pilates class, exercising is amazing for both your mind and your body. But whilst there are plenty of benefits for the body – the flushing of toxins, the circulation boost, the endorphin rush – it can come with an unwanted trade-off for your skin if it’s not looked after properly (breakouts, congestion, skin flare-ups) and depending on whether you opt for a morning or evening workout your skincare routine should fall on either side of when you exercise.



      The cardinal rule of skincare? Always work with a clean canvas. Whichever form of workout you choose whether its indoors or outdoors you’re bound to break into some kind of sweat. Sweat can actually be good for the skin and can play an important role in our immune system as it contains dermcidin, an anti-microbial peptide which acts as a defence against harmful bacteria. But while the long -term skin benefits of this are raved about the short term impact can negatively affect skin if the sweat is mixed with a build-up of make-up, impurities and dead cells which can form an occlusive humid layer making it difficult for skin to breathe leading to clogged pores and unwanted breakouts.

      Radiance Enhancing Gelee Cleanser

      Powerful enough to do away with make-up and dirt but gentle enough to use daily Radiance Enhancing Gelee Cleanser is an elite crop of facial wash which works into a gentle lather to leave skin looking and feeling soft and bright. This is the ultimate in multi-tasking skin care as not only does it remove oil and dirt build up, but it is powered by Alpha Hydroxy Acids from Caviar Lime Fruit which gently dissolves dead skin cells that threaten to clog pores.  This is the perfect way to prep skin pre-workout and leaves it feeling deeply cleansed and comfortable.


      Hydra Aura Water Cream

      Anytime you exercise the skin on your face and body are at risk of becoming overly dehydrated but heavy moisturisers often contain occlusive ingredients which can seal in heat leading to post workout redness.  The easiest way to remedy this is to switch out your heavy moisturiser with a lightweight one when you are doing any form of exercise. Hydra Aura Water Crème will send waves of hydration, so your skin isn’t left feeling high and dry. Quite literally overflowing with hydrating marine actives this featherlight gel cream formula bathes skin with precious water instantly leaving it feeling refreshed and never greasy.


      Defi Lift Volumising Peptide Lip Treatment

      A lip treatment is an everyday essential that should hold prime position in your gym bag.  As your lips skin is so thin it is so much more vulnerable than other parts of your body. Designed to help restore some much needed moisture to your lips which can be lost through air conditioning and working up a sweat, Defi Lift Volumising Peptide Lip Treatment is so much more than your average balm. Gently tingly on application this active formula glides onto lips imparting a fusion of skin-strengthening peptides and nourishing Shorea Butter to help lock in moisture and deliver instant hydration. Doubling up as a glossy balm, it makes for a ‘barely-there’ lipstick alternative so you can rock a fresh faced cosmetic look whilst keeping fit.


      Whilst sweat is a sign of a really productive work out it’s not a friend to skin. Prolonged exposure to sweat can irritate the skin causing inflammation and flare-ups so cleansing and re-hydrating are therefore essential in your post workout regime.

      Post gym red skin needs soothing hydration and Gentle Silk Cleanser and Gentle Silk Toner provide the perfect double cleansing act to effectively remove sweat and impurities without stripping the skin. Enriched with silk and cotton extracts this power couple offer a cocooning cleanse and a refreshing tone leaving skin perfectly calm and balanced.


      Collagene Expert Hydra Essence

      Exercise exerts a lot of energy which can cause facial redness and dehydration so it’s important to follow up your workout with a dedicated treatment that instantly revives the appearance of skin. Collagene Expert Hydra Essence has been a fixture of Asian beauty rituals for centuries and is a multi-tasking marvel when it comes to rebooting the complexion. Bridging the gap between cleanser and serum, this delicate fluid replenishes lost moisture and soothes after cleansing to keep your complexion contented. Formulated with barrier boosting Vitamin B3, complexion clarifying Vitamin C and a skin saving blend of Natural Moisture Factor actives this potent tonic brings parched, flushed, lacklustre complexions back from the brink and should be an essential step after any form of exercise.


      Age Benefit Night Renewal Elixir

      If you prefer an evening gym class, or late-night run you should be using Age Benefit Night Renewal Elixir before bed as it makes quick overnight work of dull skin feeling the effects of the passage of time.  Delivering unrivalled cell-renewing properties, it addresses dehydration, inflammation, and a lacklustre complexion all whilst you sleep – this is a kind of skincare workout plan we can all get on board with!


      Exercise is personal to everyone whether you like to swim, spin, squat, or lift.  Here are some simple exercise-specific skincare tips to consider adding to your pre and post workout routine.


      Miracle Eye Contour Cream

      These high impact sports can be strenuous on the skin, inflaming the complexion and enlarging pores. After cleansing and moisturising and for a radiance ‘glow on the go’ reach for Miracle Eye Contour which will offer a weightless flawless coverage to camouflage enlarged pores and uneven skin tone while maintaining a natural-looking finish. A crease-proof colour adjusting formula to match a wide variety of skin tones it has been expertly formulated with Green Tea and Aloe Vera to boost and fortify skin’s fabric whilst leaving you with the best finish for every eventuality.


      Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil

      If you are a swimmer, then adding a layer of face oil will help to seal in moisture and provide a barrier to protect skin against the chlorine in water. Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil stars a delicate blend of nourishing and antioxidant properties to help nourish, rejuvenate, and protect the complexion.



      Hydra Aura Moisturising Cream Mask

      Stretch-based exercises are perfectly coupled with self-care skincare rituals, so after your class cleanse your skin before performing an indulgent at-home facial using Hydra Aura Moisturising Cream Mask enriched with advanced Aqualance technology, a precious complex which remedy’s skin dehydration within minutes. A must have for days when your complexion is craving SOS hydration, this dreamy formula delivers a megawatt of moisture to skin and when it needs a little extra love use the mask as an overnight treatment in place of your normal moisturiser.

      A Pre and Post workout skincare routine is essential for refreshing and reviving your skin – there should be no trade-off between a sweat-induced workout and a calm and balanced skin.  You can absolutely achieve both.


      Lucy x


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