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      New Year, Better Skin

      It’s that time of year again with new year resolutions and fresh starts upon us, and whether you jump on the ‘New Year, New Me’ trend or not, Gatineau are here to (at the very least) support you with a skincare recharge. Like new hobbies, exercise and balancing a healthy diet, a good skincare regime is about establishing positive daily habits and to help you on your way, I want to bring you the lowdown on the best habits to embrace now for better skin all year long.

      Gentle Silk Cleanser

      I say it every year, but the foundation of any good skincare regime is an effective cleansing ritual to help rid skin of impurities, dirt and grime that have built up during the day and essentially to keep skin clear, calm, and collected. I know how tempting it can be to slip into bed after a busy day without removing your make-up, but this is a serious skincare ‘no no’ as not only does it ruin your sheets, but it can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. If you’re sick of cleansers leaving you feeling stripped, then it’s time to chill and start your routine out with the most comforting cleanse (and tone) of your life. Gentle Silk Cleanser will absolutely delight you arriving in a silken, milky texture and formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients including the brands signature ‘Silk and Cotton Extracts’ making it a complexion-comforting innovation that unites the best of both worlds. Melting away make-up, oil, and impurities it protects the skin’s natural barrier and makes for a luxurious addition to your everyday cleansing routine.  Its unquestionable counterpart, Gentle Silk Toner, is delicate, refreshing and refined and powered by a dew-drenching cocktail of plant actives which prime your complexion in preparation for the rest of your routine. Absorbing quickly into your skin, this floral toner delivers an instant hit of hydration while removing any remaining dirt and debris making this cult classic pairing a routine starter skincare dreams are made of!

      Gentle Silk Toner

      Vitamin C is a rockstar ingredient if you are looking to keep your skin luminous, clear, and as youthfully vibrant as ever. After weeks of overindulgence, the effects of the festive season – think too much make-up and too little sleep- have left many of our complexions a little worse for wear and in desperate need to ditch that lacklustre post-Christmas guise!  Just as you might be thinking about a detox for your body the same sentiment should translate to your skin too and an exfoliation is a great way to achieve that glow-getting effect. Radiance Enhancing Gommage has received endless acclaim (just read some of the rave reviews) for its multi-tasking benefits smoothing, refining, clarifying, and brightening.  Featuring tiny Glycolic Acid molecules that sink deeply into skin this formula gently dissolves the bonds binding dead, dulling cells to the skin’s surface revealing ‘new’ healthy cells underneath and the icing on the cake falls with the infusion of Vitamin C which provides not only a much needed antioxidant boost but instantly awakens the complexion so you can forecast much brighter days and skin ahead!  Vitamin C spiked skincare is the way forward – dull complexions, uneven skin tone, fine lines – you name it this essential nutrient can fix it.  Check out Age Benefit Youth Revitalizing Oil Serum and Collagene Expert Ceramide Smoothing Cream which both offer daily doses of Vitamin C too!

      Bridging the gap between cleanser and serum, essences are potent ‘elixirs’ that come to the rescue of compromised complexions and have been a pivotal part of Far Eastern woman’s skincare rituals for centuries.  If your skin is persistently thirsty, temperamental, or lost that all important bounce (my skin ticks all those boxes after the festive season) then you are going to want to jump on the Collagene Expert Hydra Essence bandwagon as it behaves like a daily prescription to address your complexion’s unique needs whilst dramatically supercharging the efficacy of your subsequent skincare ritual.  Containing brilliant skincare technology including a Collagen Peptide Booster, the pairing of brightening and repairing Vitamin C with Vitamin B3, barrier-boosting Ceramides and a nourishing combination of skin identical Natural Moisturising Factors together with Hyaluronic Acid, don’t be fooled by its water-like consistency as this will seriously kick your complexion into shape! Oh, and the good news is you don’t have to wait for an essence to dry – you can layer serums straight over the top to save time!

       Defi Lift Volumising Peptide Lip Treatment

      And if you haven’t added a nourishing lip treatment to your winter routine its time to reconsider. Lips have no sebaceous glands to assist in their own protection meaning they can quickly show signs of ageing through loss of volume and collagen breakdown. To counteract this decline, lips need their own dedicated product and luckily gone are the days when lip treatments were relegated to fiddly tins and twist up sticks. Defi Lift Volumizing Peptide Lip Treatment is a serious all-rounder combining high performance actives including youth prolonging Peptides, nourishing Shorea Butter plus a plethora of plant extracts which replenish your pout and retain comfort. There is NO tacky feeling you get from a traditional lip gloss and like a rich glaze it creates a lasting barrier that keeps moisture locked in. And just a little tip if you have developed vertical lines above your lip, you can double this up as an intensive night treatment and apply this luxe balm over the lip line, so you wake up to smooth, soft, and supple lips with no vertical indentations in sight!

      Age Benefit Advanced Eye Serum

      And if you are looking for an on-the-go product for the delicate eye area that works fast to deliver skin plumping and puffiness reducing results then Collagen Eye Compresses are perfect for rejuvenating tired eyes either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Hard working, these collagen infused eye pads are an absolute must-try as they cool, soothe, refresh whilst delivering essential collagen and allantoin deep into the skin to blur fine lines and wrinkle-wrestle! Your treasured peepers deserve nothing but the absolute best!

      And if you have been slacking on the skin care routine or your skin needs a little touch of TLC then look no further than Hydra Aura’s Moisturising Cream Mask which is back just in time to add bucket loads of moisture and comfort and put an end to a dry skin drought! A heroic hydrating creamy formula that envelopes skin in a lightweight consistency, it can be used as a quick fix or overnight treatment so before you have even crawled out of bed your skin will feel soft-to-touch and glowing by sunrise!

      And there you have it, my list of complexion essentials lauded for their skin-improving talents, and you can rest assured no skin care stone has gone unturned by Gatineau to ensure you can embrace 2024 with happiness and glow!

      Lucy x

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