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      Exclusive & Megasize AHA Body Lotion 1l!

      The traditional theme to celebrate a 27th anniversary is by way of a ‘sculpture’ representing the meticulous craft that goes into a long and enduring journey together and which seems very fitting as Gatineau is celebrating an incredible twenty-seven years at QVC this October.  A brand steeped in history, Gatineau was born out of a capsule collection of salon grade skincare and a vision to bring you unrivalled scientific formulas whilst harnessing the dynamism of nature to create age-defying solutions which would set the standards for the entire beauty industry for decades to come.

      And to mark this special occasion Gatineau are launching an incredibly special heritage ‘birthday bonanza’ Limited Edition MEGASIZE AHA Body Lotion (it’s 2.5 times the regular SUPERSIZE!) in the most exquisite packaging which is sure to add a touch of opulence to your bathroom shelf.

      Body Lotion with AHA

      When it comes to applying body lotion, I find we generally fall into two camps - some stick to a strict body care routine ALL year round whereas others only reach for a body lotion (no doubt grabbed from the back of the cupboard or the stash of hotel mini’s) when the temperatures rise, and shorter hemlines surface showcasing arms and legs.  Regardless of which camp you sit in – swimsuit or ski suit – your body really deserves a moisturiser that’s just as comprehensive and effective as the one for your face and whilst you may have your facial routine down to a fine art, let’s not leave our limbs to fend for themselves!

      Temperature changes wreak havoc with hydration levels. Cranked up heating, cold winter blasts and moisture-sucking showers will leave your skin on the body practically begging for a reprieve 365 days of the year, and we should be giving it a little more love than just slapping on any ole moisturiser whenever we remember. And it’s no surprise that as we get older, skin elasticity wanes and unfortunately, the fountain of youth still eludes us. As we age, the integrity of our skin barrier weakens, which predisposes us to dryness and rougher ‘crocodilian’ looking skin, and using a dedicated body moisturiser can restore your former glow – time to get slathering!

      Developed over two decades ago, Gatineau’s AHA Body Lotion needs no introduction and should be considered your one-stop skin-transforming shop as it converts a daily moisturising chore into an indulgent experience. If you’re in need of head-to-toe nourishment and wishing to lavish your limbs, then this luxe-textured formula is nothing short of a true beauty treat and serious skin investment.

      Body Lotion with AHA

      Luxurious let lightweight this delicately fragranced body lotion combines two steps in one - hydrating and resurfacing – and is powered by an A-list of actives including an exfoliating blend of Fruit Acids, Papaya & Mango Enzymes which promises (and delivers) to replenish and smooth skin in seconds.  Fruit Acids are nothing new to ‘skinceuticals’ and are one of the gentlest yet effective ingredients in the beauty industry BUT they are relatively rare in the realm of body care. The fruity and refreshing fusion of five types of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (aka AHA’s) including Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Orange and Lemon and Sugar Maple swiftly get down to business exfoliating dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover making this lotion a powerful ally to tackle a string of common complaints including pigmentation, crepey-ness, scales, and other beauty bugbears. Radiance is the name of the game here and it is all down to these moisture-retention fruit acids as they empower the skin barrier uncovering a fresh luminosity that leaves skin glowing and revived.  A fruit-fuelled formula which extends its youth-prolonging benefits to your limbs the hefty dose of Papaya and Mango makes whatever your textured skin issue, be it ingrown hairs, razor bumps or Keratosis Pilaris a thing of the past.  This is a body lotion with skincare ingredients that will make your face cream jealous!

      Hydration is always a key concern, placing it at the heart of beauty routines for centuries. The skin is a water loving organ of high importance for the entire body as its first line of defence.  When the skin becomes dehydrated it cannot fulfil its role as a protective barrier and the skin will start to itch and feel tight as it loses its suppleness and uniformity.  From the neck down we’re susceptible to the same signs of premature ageing as our faces yet with fewer-producing oil glands, this area is much more susceptible to dryness.

      Body Lotion with AHA

      Luckily AHA body Lotion has got you covered, and we can forecast zero chance of ‘dry spells’ with the addition of skin-replenishing Shea Butter and Hydroviton 24.  ‘Hydro’ what? I hear you say. Well just think of this magic complex of amino acids, sodium lactate and allantoin as the next generation moisturiser which has the ability to cocoon your body in lasting moisture (24 hours no less) by pulling water into multiple layers of skin.  A dream for perpetually parched complexions, Hydroviton 24 is an essential quenching team player to bring skin back from the brink.

      A tried-and-true classic, everything about AHA Body Lotion feels luxurious – from the stylish packaging to the silken texture to the lingering scent – there’s literally nothing not to love especially if you want your skin to look as though you lead a life of virtue (Pilates, Yoga, Green tea, Pilates, Chia seeds) – filled to the brim with skin-loving essentials it’s the ultimate foil for thirsty complexions.  So, whether it’s a token of appreciation, the grandest of gesture or you or you just want to spoil yourself this showstopping special edition will wow every skincare lover this October!

      Lucy x



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