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      Defi Lift Firm and Tone Skincare Collection

      As 2023 draws to a close, I love to reflect on the incredible year Gatineau has had. We’ve unveiled a lot of ‘newness’ within our blockbuster TSV’s, treated you to some MEGASIZE icons, revealed some exclusive LIMITED EDITIONS and we’ve enveloped each product in some seriously stylish new packaging – it’s been busy to say the least!

      The countdown to Christmas has begun and to celebrate this festive season along with our epic year we are about to uncover ONE MORE Today’s Special Value which launches on December 2nd at 9pm and embraces a collection of ‘Beauty Heroes’ that have stood the test of time and remain standouts in our youth-defying category. Welcome to ‘beauty wonderland’!

      Set to outshine every gift on your Christmas list, Gatineau’s Defi Lift Firm and Tone Skincare Collection is a 3-piece premium array of age-defying formulas bringing together ‘classics’ with ‘newness’ for women who want visibly younger, smoother, firmer, lifted skin with rapid results. Featuring a FULL SIZE Defi Lift Toned Cream, a SUPERSIZE ICON Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil (which by the way is completely EXCLUSIVE to QVC) AND the BRAND NEW Defi Lift Firming Eye Serum (if you loved the old one then you will be blown away by this upgraded version) making this the ultimate ensemble of skin firming solutions to promote tighter, toned, supple and plumped skin AND its impressively good value. Achieving smooth skin is about more than just reducing wrinkles. Skin elasticity is the ability of the skin to stretch and return to a normal state after the need to stretch is removed. The degree of elasticity is determined by the underlying structure of collagen and elastin proteins that the skin retains yet as we age collagen and elastin naturally breaks down robbing our faces of their definition and youthful plumpness. Unfortunately, there are other contributing factors that can accelerate this process including exposure to sun, genetics, extreme weight loss and smoking which can all cause skin to sag and hang, jowls to form and pores to look enlarged. Defi Lift Firm and Tone Collection is an absolutely brilliant edit of FULL and SUPERSIZE gems all centred around combatting these issues so let me give you a sneak preview of what’s included!

      Celebrating its 20th birthday this year, the rave reviews are testament to Defi Lift Toned Face Cream’s extraordinary efficacy which needs no introduction. There’s a reason that we’ve held onto this classic and it's more than something that sits squarely on the heartstrings of nostalgia – it’s the genesis! The ultimate foil for helping skin that’s lost its volume and spring, this nurturing formula has been carefully crafted with the firming power of Plant Proteins which work to repair the scaffolding (aka the collagen and elastin) reducing the appearance of sagging whilst the addition of skin plumping, and moisture-retaining Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid and nourishing Mango Butter leaves the complexion softer and suppler allowing skin to quickly recover its youthful vitality. This is all about upping the ante to keep your skin in perfectly toned condition.

      The colder weather and shorter days don’t equate to good things for your complexion BUT if you love the indulgence of an oil then the icing on the cake has to fall with the SUPERSIZE Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil, a decadent rejuvenating oil, and an absolute no brainer for all those with mature, dulled, or lacklustre visages. A beauty all-rounder this universal face oil is brimming with time-defying Peptides and Bio-Retinol Bidens Pilosa, a natural retinol alternative, which quite frankly are A* students of the skincare league when it comes to triggering regeneration. The ‘topcoat’ that your ritual’s been missing, this face oil will safeguard your skin come rain, wind, or shine as it creates a barrier between your complexion and the elements sealing precious moisture into skin whilst deflecting environmental stresses. And what I personally love is how it leaves skin gorgeously glazed and radiant – for me this offers something for every complexion.

      Jar of Defi Lift 3D Toned CreamBottle of Defi Lift Firming Eye Contour SerumBottle of Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil

      And if you want to snap slackening eye contours into a more supple state then the BRAND NEW Defi Lift 3D Firming Eye Serum will be a most welcome addition to your daily regime. The skin surrounding your eyes is incredibly delicate and considerably thinner than anywhere else, so is often the first to show signs of sagging. Well-versed in the near-universal beauty bugbears that our eyes face, Gatineau scientists have elevated the original Defi Lift Eye formula to create something incredibly special to stop ALL signs of ‘wear and tear’ in their tracks – this is most certainly a jewel in Gatineau’s crown. As your complexion drinks in this silky hydrating serum, the effects of Argireline get to work, inhibiting muscle movement to dramatically reduce dynamic folds in the skin, as well as helping to prevent wrinkle formation without any need for botox or injectables. Meanwhile, the addition of Horse chestnut and Yeast Extract helps to de-puff, brighten, and reawaken tired eyes making this uber ‘cool’ in more ways than one! The final flourish is a potent blend of Paracress Extract and Filmexel, a natural Biopolymer, which work to instantly and visibly tone and firm the skin giving a natural lift to hooded lids and sagging brows. This corrective formula is most certainly something of a universal skin salve!

      When gravity prevails this collection of serious skincare goodies, with their signature formulas, will take your regime up a notch and get you ready for a fitter, firmer, strengthened complexion. This is your chance to trial some of Gatineau’s most loved skincare must-haves or treat your beauty bestie to this dreamtime trio of Defi Lift skincare - it will be guaranteed to put a smile on their face!

      Joyeux Noel

      Lucy x

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