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      DefiLift 3D Body Oil

      There is something a little indulgent about using body oil. Perfect for mood-enhancing in the morning or de-stressing at the end of a long day, body oil is not only a heavenly treat for the skin but equally it can rebalance the state of mind. 
      Discovered centuries ago, the properties of ‘oils’ have made them so versatile for use in both treating ailments as well as to nourish and condition the hair, skin and nails any time of the year. And body oils are a firm fixture in every French woman’s bathroom cabinet for their ability to transform skin from the décolleté to the toes for they believe these nourishing oils packed with plant extracts hold the key to healthy and balanced skin.

      This product is formulated specifically with a potent blend of active ingredients to give a power-packed punch that will target ‘problem-areas’ all over the body - such as small bumps, skin texture and smoothness, elasticity, suppleness and firmness. We all want to be confident that our skin is soft, smooth and glowing all over - and below are some of the powerful ingredients that help to achieve that!

      Defilift Body Oil

      Ivy Extract – to stimulate circulation and help to even out and improve skin tone and texture
      Grapeseed Oil – to deeply nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles

      Defilift 3d body oilDefilift 3d body oil

      Green Tea – to protect from accelerated ageing and improve skin elasticity
      Vitamin E – to regenerate skin cells and improve the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin texture

      Defilift 3d body oilDefilift 3d body oil

      For the best results use after showering and apply to a slightly damp skin. Apply one pump of Defilift Body Oil to each area of the body and massage with circular movements until absorbed. Wait a couple of minutes for the oil to fully absorb before dressing.
      Your skin will feel enveloped in a subtle aroma whilst skin is left satiny soft and gleaming with luminous sheen.

      Lucy x

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