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      Brand-New! Thérapie Pureté™ Mineraux Marins Range!

      The Cleansing Range

      The crashing sounds of waves, the fresh ocean air – there’s no denying the restorative effects of the ocean and its alluring beauty. Our Therapie Purete cleansing story begins just 400 miles south from the Cornish coastline where lies the breath-taking island of Noirmoutier, a French island  hidden off  the Atlantic Coast of France, within the beautiful Bay of Biscay. A mere dozen miles long and skirted by stunning sandy beaches, Noirmoutier, nicknamed Mimosa Island due to is exceptional micro-climate, embraces a vast natural environment encompassing coastal salt marshes, golden rippled sand dunes and woody haven oak forests. 

      Deep within this legendary French isle a unique mineralised seawater was uncovered, drawn deep from within its grotto and penetrating the earth’s crust. Harnessing all the powers of the ocean ‘Mineraux Marins’ is a magical ‘eau de la mer’ which has evolved over centuries and has slowly filtered through various geological layers and underground rocks acquiring unique and powerful mineral properties along the way. Especially rich in manganese, zinc and iron this exceptional water possesses a distinctive purity that is purer than even the finest mineral spring beauty spas.

      Seawater is steeped in healing history after French biologist Rene Quinton demonstrated that it was similar in composition and mineral concentration to human blood plasma. Soon afterwards Thalassotherapy Centres were popping up everywhere as a place to go to ‘cure’ many ailments with the use of seawater! What is really amazing about thalassotherapy is that because the body’s chemistry is so similar to that of seawater the balancing of essential nutrients occurs very easily. And these mineral concentrations are essential in activating vital body functions and proper functioning of the cells to preserve their integrity. The problem is the body cannot produce these vital trace elements and minerals and even the slightest decline in these important ‘featherweights’ can cause an upset in both body and skin balance.

      As Gatineau scientists dived deeper into the secrets of marine life they discovered that this rare and precious mineralised water was a genuine goldmine as a skincare ingredient as it concentrated the proper mineral levels vital to the appearance of a healthy skin. ‘Mineraux Marins’ is considered a rare and luxurious ‘beauty water’ and each of our Therapie Purete cleansing products have been infused with its superior nutrient powers to enrich the skin and optimise its health. Genius!

      Gatineau is a brand that is built around game-changing skin saviours and champions a loyal cleansing regime. Stress, diet, hormones and falling asleep in your make-up one too many times can take a toll on the skin but our intelligent cleansing range of Therapie Purete is the perfect way to initiate your skincare routine.
      Let’s delve into the brimming powers of the abundant source of trace elements that this treasured Mineralised Seawater delivers to the skin…….

      With high levels of Manganese to help stimulate the energy production of the cells this superhero mineral supports collagen production to keep skin healthy and resilient. And then there’s defensive Zinc a key antioxidant rich mineral which not only protects skin from external aggressors, but acts as an astringent, anti-inflammatory and healing agent. Zinc also regulates the activity of oil glands so helps prevents skin break outs and acne. With elevated concentrations of Iron, considered a ‘beauty mineral’ for its ability to activate B vitamins, iron effectively perks up a dull lacklustre complexion and grants a dewy freshness. .

      And now on to the products themselves…..
      I absolutely love the new Therapie Purete Micellar Milk Cleanser as it’s ultra-gentle yet hardworking and it definitely lifts away all of my make-up and impurities without stripping moisture from the skin. .As someone who suffers from dehydration, this is perfect as it is enriched with resurfacing and pore cleansing fruit enzymes together with nourishing sunflower seed oil and for me this is a beautiful first step cleanse to leave my  skin balanced, fresh and impeccably clean.

      Formulated with a blend of conditioning aloe vera and resurfacing fruit enzymes our Therapie Purete Hydrating Toner is definitely the perfect partner and multi-tasking finishing touch to a cleansing regime. It is ultra-gentle and alcohol free, and I think of it like a tonic as my skin feels super hydrated and refreshed and I know that saturating my skin in precious mineralised seawater is like taking my skin to a thalassotherapy centre!

      And then we have our Therapie Purete Foaming Purete Micellar Cleansing Water which is the perfect addition for those whose setting is ‘hectic’.  It is what I call a 4 in 1 treatment because it combines, cleansing, toning, hydrating and removal of stubborn make-up and if sometimes you are dreading taking your make-up off this is an effortless task! Splash some Micellar on pre-dampened cotton pads and a quick sweep across the skin, eyes and frankly anywhere else and boom you have perfectly cleansed and balanced skin! Harnessing the micellar molecule suspended in mineral rich seawater it literally (like a magnet) attracts impurities without stripping skin of natural moisture- it really is so clever.

      Lastly, the Foaming Cleanser. This gentle Foaming Cleanser creates a deeply purifying cleanse. The lightweight lather sweeps away the debris of the day, including make-up, leaving the skin feeling deeply cleansed, soft, refreshed and balanced.


      Your skin tomorrow is a result of the lifestyle choices you make today and this elite breed of cleansing products is sure to transform the task from a chore to a treat. Think pampering, think meticulous formulations and think squeaky clean skin.....

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