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      Brand-new Tan Accelerating Lumipep™ Face Serum 30ml!

      The clocks have just sprung forward, and the sun has got his hat on – summer is just around the corner (phew!). The allure of that sun-kissed tan has been a coveted beauty standard for decades from sun-soaked holidays in the Riviera to a beautiful British summer in the comfort of your garden, the desire to achieve the perfect tan is almost universal!

      And let’s face it, everyone does looks better with a healthy radiant glow…... BUT unfortunately, it comes at a cost because it’s no secret that spending extended amounts of time in the sun or under a tanning bed is dangerous and responsible for most of the visible signs of ageing of your skin; in fact, far more than all other factors combined.  Yes, sadly UV rays are the primary cause of wrinkles, pigmentation, sunspots, reduced skin elasticity and the degradation of skin texture but yet many of us still seek the sun’s rays in the hope for the brighter side of it! (The infusion of Vitamin D for bone health, uplifted mood, and better sleep to name just a few.)

      The key to tanning safely is to firstly equip yourself with a Tan Accelerator, a new generation of intelligent ‘sun prep’ which works by speeding up the body’s natural tanning process through a combination of ingredients that facilitate melanin production and distribution in the skin. For decades you have ABSOLUTELY loved our bestselling multi award-winning Tan Accelerating Lotion, in fact, it has quickly become a consistent sell out cult because the results are just so good! A serious solution for before, during and after sunbathing, it boosts your skin’s melanin production (melanin is the pigment responsible for giving your skin its colour) promising an even deeper tan in a much shorter amount of time, but not only that it helps skin recover from post-ray damage AND it really does extend the life of your hard earned sun kissed glow!

      It's absolutely GENIUS and following its huge success we are taking things to a whole new level and launching its perfect companion - Tan Accelerating Lumipep™ Face Serum, a dedicated face serum that works to accelerate and prolong your tan whilst delivering the all-important protection your skin needs AND simultaneously injecting it with hydrating, youth-enhancing benefits that your complexion is going to soak up and absolutely adore – it’s a win win all round!

      This is a serum with some serious stamina, and it’s going to prep and support your skin through the next few months because we’ve drafted in a unique melanin activator which literally takes all the hard work and consequences out of getting a tan. Enriched with Sweet Orange citroflavanoids and a Biotanning Active, these catalysts not only intensify melanin production for a golden, even, long-lasting tan, it provides supreme protection against cellular decline so you can enjoy that sun kissed visage without speeding up the ageing process.

      One of the most important factors for healthy, plump skin is hydration and what’s everyone’s ultimate hydration hero?  Hyaluronic Acid of course.  Naturally found in our skin to maintain hydration and reduce inflammation, Hyaluronic Acid is a moisture-binding ingredient that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, yet as with most fun ‘skin components’ the bucket loads we make in our younger years naturally deplete over time (sob) resulting in dullness, fine lines, and uneven skin texture. Boosted by a Trihyaluron Complex (basically a medley of Hyaluronic molecules at low, medium, and high molecular weights) this phenomenally lightweight serum offers some serious smoothing hydration. It’s really quite clever because the high-weight molecules deliver immediate and intense moisture to the surface of the skin; the medium-weight molecules penetrate beyond the surface of the skin to fill in moisture gaps giving a moisturised from within sensation and the low-weight molecules travel much deeper into the skin to scrupulously hydrate and support cell turnover and collagen and elastin structures. Perfect for every complexion to prevent it from falling victim to dehydration, you will definitely be ‘dew-ing’ the right thing for your skin with this thirst-quenching serum!

      Hiding away in this silky formula is a healthy dose of soothing and protecting Aloe Vera and Echinacea Concentrate, herbal actives famed for their medicinal properties and bursting with protective antioxidants.  Working from the inside out these two beauties put back what the sun takes out dispensing essential barrier lipids to replenish thirsty skin whilst arming it with anti-inflammatory actives to pacify complexions craving comfort.

      And to tie a bow around this age-defying formula, it has been injected with a hefty dose of Phyto-Collagen (scientifically known as a Collagen 1).  As far as holy grail ingredients go when it comes to combating the signs of ageing you do not get much more significant than Phyto-Collagen.  A peptide famed for its ability to turn back the hands of time on maturing skin it is more than ideal for rescuing skin that’s been exposed to harsher conditions (think safari sun or ski slope rays), as it quickly rejuvenates, sinking deep into the early-forming creases and deep set lines as well as supporting collagen and elastin production long term. This is what I call ‘youth-boosting’ good stuff your skin will be dying to slurp up.

      You can always rely on Gatineau to put a luxury twist on your beauty practices so if you are looking to minimise your sun exposure but optimize your tan, impart moisture to your skin without any greasy residue and plug the complexion with time-defying actives then Tan Accelerating Lumipep Face Serum armed with protective Vitamin E is a ‘tour de force’ and will get your skin ready for any possible sun exposure, be it out in the garden, walking the dog or during a luxurious summer holiday. And the cherry on the top has to be the weightless satiny-smooth texture which effortlessly glides on and instantly absorbs into skin - Time to have some SMART ‘fun in the sun’!


      Lucy x

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