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      Brand-New Defi Lift Marine Firming Face Mask

      What do you get when you combine hard-hitting firming, redefining, and smoothing actives into a creamy mask formula? You get a seriously superior addition to the Defi Lift family – you get the NEW Defi Lift Firming Face Mask, a high-powered treatment mask that promises to deliver a toned, sculpted, and stronger complexion.

      There are plenty of things to celebrate about getting older, but for most of us, sagging and slackening of the skin over time is an unwelcome surprise. Of course, the most common cause of sagging skin is ageing as over time its underlying structure (collagen and elastin proteins) naturally breaks down robbing our faces of their definition and youthful plumpness but there are other contributing factors including exposure to sun, genetics, extreme weight loss and smoking which can all cause skin to sag and hang, jowls to form and pores to look enlarged.

      Dubbed as ‘game-changers’, Gatineau face masks have really climbed the skincare ladder as high-tech and an ultra-effective way to dispense skin with an extra hit of concentrated ingredients for an instant hit of gratification and in fact, they should be a pivotal part of a skincare regime as they deliver maximum results in minimum time.

      So, if your skin is in need of a pick-me-up (literally), and you are looking for serious results in the comfort of your own home then our NEW Defi Lift Firming Face Mask is the perfect addition to take your facial fitness to the next level. Developed with a blend of powerful active ingredients combined with purifying clays, this hard-working mask targets tired & slackened skin to help it look more toned, redefined & lifted.

      Using the sculpting power of an advanced peptide complex, tailor-made to kickstart collagen production and help visibly lift, firm, and reduce the appearance of expression lines, this has been bolstered with a unique Marine Plankton extract derived from biotechnology which, within just a few minutes of application has been proven to provide skin tightening and smoothing benefits that last all day long. Think of it like an invisible corset for your face which coaxes your complexion into bouncing back from the downward pull of gravity!

      With a clever concoction of exfoliating acids including Gluconolactone (a naturally occurring polyhydroxy acid that exfoliates without sensitizing skin) this age-defying face mask will add a little magic to your self-care routine, tightening as it’s brightening and putting a serious spring in your skin’s step.

      The addition of dewy Polyglutamic Acid is a welcome addition and has recently been picking up steam in the skincare industry as a real crowd-pleaser due to its powerhouse hydration capabilities. In fact, PGA can hold up to five times more moisture than Hyaluronic Acid, so It makes for a brilliant companion as these two ingredients work in unison to pack a major hydrating punch to this potent mask melting away tension lines, enhancing elasticity and offering a one-way ticket to plump and bouncy skin.

      And this mask really hits the reset button on visible pores and lacklustre complexions with its blend of mineral-rich kaolin & diatomaceous earth, which work in synergy to decongest and tone for a practically poreless-looking complexion. Kaolin also has a naturally tightening effect on the skin too so helps iron out wrinkles and fill creases without the need for needles.

      This salon strength mask is a win-win and takes a ‘firm stand’ against gravity for a fitter, stronger bouncier feeling skin. It is pore refining, skin smoothing, toning and reviving – it goes on like a cream but within minutes you can feel the skin becoming taut for an immediate lifting effect and yet it doesn’t leave skin feeling dry and uncomfortable afterwards. What’s more it boasts the iconic Defi Lift classic scent that we all know and love - this mask is a feat of genius, and the question is what can’t this mask do?


      Lucy x

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