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      Alkessence™ Ionactive Alkaline Soothing Mist!

      The key to healthy looking skin all comes down to balance – and whether you are suffering from skin breakouts, skin sensitivity, dark circles or wrinkles you can pretty much blame one major factor - it all comes down to the skin having an out of whack pH level.
      I’m sure most of us have heard of the skincare term ‘pH balanced’ but I am pretty sure that many of us are not quite sure what that means!

      Well the term ‘pH’ (potential of Hydrogen) is a scale that was devised by a Danish chemist back in the early 1900’s and the scale determines whether something (like skin) is acidic or alkaline.  The scale goes from 1 – 14 and the more acidic something is, the lower on the scale it will be (1 – 7), whereas anything between 7 - 14 is considered alkaline. Water has a pH of 7 and it was deemed that the skin’s natural pH level should be balanced at around 5.5, but in fact, this makes it slightly acidic and recent studies show this is not ideal!

      In the pursuit of balance and like every other organ in our body, skin performs best within a narrow, ideal environment especially when it comes to pH. When it deviates from that magic number it can cause harmful bacteria to grow, triggering inflammation and skin conditions and causing accelerated ageing.

       For our cells to be in their best health they need to be within an alkaline environment and creating this environment has multiple benefits – the cells can function at their optimum levels, they can properly absorb essential minerals, the skin’s defence system remains  intact and the important protein collagen which is responsible for keeping skin smooth is strengthened and protected. 
      Alkaline products are not a new discovery. The Egyptians have been bathing in salt lakes for centuries due to the positive regenerating effects on the skin as well as ionized alkaline water being the latest bottled water deemed an ‘elixir of life’ and favoured by many as the ‘new kid on the block’.
      Gatineau scientists have been studying the importance of the skin’s pH level for decades and having partnered with global experts in water ionization, have uncovered a unique and patented technology to transform water into ultra-pure, extremely stable, highly alkaline ionized water.

      At the cutting edge of high-performance skin care, Alkessence IonActive Alkaline Mist is a breakthrough biotechnology with a unique blend of essential natural minerals, to deliver proven, visible results as soon as it touches the skin’s surface. This innovative facial mist creates a natural defence for the skin, simultaneously reducing inflammation and detoxifying epidermal build-up from environmental aggressors whilst the high levels of replenishing minerals kick-start repair and stimulate regeneration.

      Clinically proven to reduce trans epidermal water loss, this weightless mist floods the skin with moisture offering 24-hour hydration to parched pores. And revered for its reviving and clarifying effects on the skin, Alkessence is a real game changer when it comes to reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and a sluggish complexion.  Expertly, the concentration of negative ions in the mist surround the dead skin cells and impurities lifting them away to create a gentle peeling effect for an ultra-smooth  and more even textured complexion.
      And that’s not all as this invigorating ‘serum in a mist’ not only steps up the alkaline levels, and promises a clear complexion, it can overtime dramatically elevate the  skin cells internal water levels which not only improves their ability to function but boosts their metabolism – super important to keep wrinkles and pigmentation flaws at bay!

      It really does feel like you’ve enveloped your skin in silk and not only does it feel satiny soft, but the results are an extremely smooth, clear, protected and deeply hydrated skin.
      How to use:
      After cleansing, apply morning and evening mist generously across the face, neck and décolleté. Allow the mist to activate for 10 seconds then pat into the skin.  Follow with your Melatogenine MorphoBiotique Serum and Cream.

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