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      6 Best Age Defying Professional Skincare Treatments to Pamper Your Skin

      Ageing beautifully can be tricky as time takes its toll on us especially when you hit your 40s and beyond. There are two types of skin ageing; the one that's inevitable and genetically determined, and the one that is caused by external factors. While there's very little that can be done to counter the former (ageing is an unavoidable part of life), you can absolutely take steps to look after your skin and defy your age.  These days it's more than clear that ageing gracefully doesn't rely on just one secret potion—but rather a treasure trove of lifestyle changes and a targeted age-defying skincare regime and beauty tools that help restore, protect, and regenerate your skin cells to keep your complexion looking dewy, bright, smooth, and firm.

      Age-defying is a term and concept that has at its roots a much more balanced approach to the ageing process – it’s all about working with your skin and using an array of ways to keep it looking its best.  We are no longer just fixated with wrinkles – healthy glowing skin is the new measure of youth.

      Age Defying Professional Skincare Treatments

      Our skin is with us for the whole ride – it’s worth investing in it and with nine decades of deeply rooted Parisian skincare heritage and professional high-performance formulations under our belts Gatineau ensure a winning combination of the utmost luxury and unparalleled time defying solutions that are definitely worth investing in. While no pot of cream can promise eternal youth and beauty, our best age-defying products can really slow the effects of ageing  as they are packed with  smart clinically proven formulas and skin-identical actives that promise to fix your lines, get rid of wrinkles, lift up sagging skin, amp up hydration levels and reduce an uneven skin tone – all crucial elements in the quest for youthful looking complexion.   

      Let’s explore some of our award-winning formulas beginning with our Age Benefit franchise, which first launched onto the radar of skin fanatics over fifteen years ago and is still considered the Rolls-Royce of age-defying skincare.  Aimed to significantly diminish the look of lines and wrinkles, dramatically boost radiance, counteract an uneven skin tone and increase skin thickness there is something within this range whatever your ageing concern. The all-star collection is packed with potent formulas that navigate skin’s natural ageing process working to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate it for a beautiful complexion. Starring an indulgent 1) Age defying cleanser, with its nourishing texture that sweeps away make-up and impurities whilst offering a welcome oasis to desert dry skin. This powerhouse of a cleanser is enriched with Alfalfa,  which has an incredible anti-wrinkle retinoic effect without the unwanted side effects of traditional retinol formulations so can address issues of rough texture, wrinkles, dark spots, and loss of elasticity and the icing on the cake is most certainly  its balm to oil texture – its results driven, efficacious and indulgent!

      Age defying cleanser

      And introducing Gatineau’s first ever oil-infused serum which with just a few shakes transforms from two potent phases into a silky serum. Created to deliver deep hydration and nourishment our 2) Age defying serum is a powerhouse treatment that will elevate your everyday routine that you and your skin cells deserve. This is the answer to your prayers if you are battling stubborn pigmentation or looking to dial up hydration and radiance levels. Packed with not one but three compelling vitamins (Vitamin C, E and B3) along with Polyhydroxy Acids it quickly summons an even skin tone and radiant complexion whilst the cocktail of Meadowfoam, Rosehip and Camelia Oil infuse essential skin-restoring lipids back to your barrier.

      Age defying serum

      Our 5-star rated 3) Age defying cream  delivers on all levels and is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation taking your regime up a notch, fusing cutting-edge research with restorative ingredients to deliver results at a cellular level. Wonderfully rich and creamy and designed for more mature skins this day and night cream is  propelled with a prodigy of actives including Artichoke and Hibiscus engineered to act on essential growth factors – in short it promotes smoother, more resilient skin that looks more luminous. And for a truly eye opening experience our 4) Age defying eye cream is a complete rehabilitative treatment which works by hitting skin cells re-set buttons to reverse ALL tell-tale signs of skin ageing around the delicate eye contour.  Starring an intelligent accolade of potent marine ingredients including decadent caviar, all transported via a special delivery system to ensure they actually give the eye contour exactly what it requires without being too heavy it is a multi-dimensional corrector that leaves eyes dewy, smooth and hydrated.

      And if there is one product that you can rely on to truly deliver instant results it’s our 5) Age defying mask. We love the latest addition to our pro mask portfolio and all it takes is just one turn of the lid and 15 minutes and you can take your facial fitness to the next level. Charged with Marine Plankton extract derived from biotechnology expect skin to be tightened and smoothed within just a few minutes of application that lasts all day long. Oh and if you are a really big fan of a clay mask to help purify pores without leaving it dry and crusty then then this will ‘oh-so-satisfy you’ as it contains Diatomaceous Earth and Kaolin which decongest and tone for a practically poreless-looking complexion

      Age defying mask

      From over-exposure, continuous hand washing, cold weather and general neglect our hands are quick to betray us if we don’t treat them right. Your hands will beg you for that TLC and that’s where Gatineau’s 6) Age defying hand cream, with its silky and swiftly absorbed texture will keep hands happy. Brimming with strengthening, smoothing and youth-boosting collagen together a plethora of vitamins to shield the skin from ravages wrought by the elements. This is a real treat for hands that have felt forgotten.

      These skincare beauties are multi-tasking marvels and real breakthrough in the realm of youth-prolonging skincare – skin can be complicated but skincare shouldn’t be!


      Lucy x





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