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      Your skin's Microbiome...

      What is the microbiome?

      The human microbiome is a mind field and one that scientists are discovering more about every day! Officially defined as the entirety of micro-organisms living on and in the human body but I think we should consider it of as an extension of ourselves because it actually plays a very important protective and communicative role between us and how we function. It helps us absorb food, trains our immune system and regulates our mood – incredible when you think that we cannot even see this mighty micro-biotic army.

      What is the skin’s microbiome?
      First it was the gut microbiome and the discovery in the way it affected our health and now more recently there is much discussion about the skin’s microbiome and its importance in skin health.   The skin microbiome is a whole community of organisms that live on the skin.  Essentially it is a little ecosystem or bacterial army which is the first line of defence against environmental aggressors, toxins and other harmful substances and if disrupted it affects the overall health of the skin.  There are over a hundred different species of bacteria living on the surface of the skin and most of the time they exist in harmony however due to a number of various influences the microbiome can become unbalanced and this causes the skin’s immune system to be disrupted.  

      How does it impact the skin?
      Skin can be a fairly hostile environment as the surface of the skin has quite an acidic pH level. The skin microbiome is the first layer between our skin and the outside world and each one of us has a unique microbiome almost like a fingerprint!  This layer of bacteria is good for you as it acts like a bouncer keeping out viruses, over-powering harmful external aggressors and boosting the skin’s immunity and glow.  It is thought that the disruption of the skin’s microbiome can be connected to a number of skin inflammatory diseases like eczema, rosacea, acne and psoriasis as well as impacting the moisture barrier causing dehydration and most worryingly causing premature ageing.

      What factors can disrupt the skin’s microbiome?
      The skin barrier is the most superficial layer of the epidermis but imagine that on top of that we have an army of good bacteria – aka the microbiome – which is actually the FIRST line of defence against the outside world.

      Both our skin barrier and our skin microbiome protect us against so many harmful outside influences but as lifestyle habits have changed greatly in the last eight decades these two barriers have taken a hit. These days our skin is subjected to harsh soaps, sulphates, detergents and alcohol which all strip the skin barrier and disrupt the skin’s microbiome as do topical anti-biotics. Then there are the external aggressions like pollution, smoking and UV exposure which can also have a really negative impact.

      How is skincare evolving to protect and rebuild the skin’s microbiome?
      It is only in recent years that the preservation and enhancement of the skin microbiome has become a focal point in skincare and Gatineau has always been at the forefront of this research.  Products containing pre-biotics and pro-biotics play a huge role in keeping skin healthy but equally they protect and safeguard exclusive avant-garde formulas to ensure their efficacy and effectiveness.

      What is the difference between a pre-biotic and a probiotic?
      Prebiotics are substance that feed bacteria and allow them to thrive whereas pro-biotics are actually living bacteria that rebalance the skin microbiome. 

      Tell me about the Melatogenine Morphobiotique range
      A flagship range that tackles the problems associated with lines and wrinkles, this range really raises the bar in advanced skincare and is built around game-changing saviours. Backed by science and enhanced by botanicals, our cutting-edge Melatogenine Morphobiotique collection boasts a unique ‘Morphobiotic Complex’ derived from the heart of Gatineau’s French roots and where French women are famed for their youthful looks.

      The formula is a unique combination of clinically proven ingredients steeped in history together with an advanced scientific molecule that champions this wrinkle-busting range.  Encompassing Great Burdock Root extract cultivated from the enchanting woody Alsace region of Northern France together with Chestnut Seed Extract derived from Corezze, considered France’s ‘heart of stone’ and a place of outstanding natural beauty. The benefits of Great Burdock Root are endless due to its nutrient dense profile. 

      Extracted using a patented process called ‘plant milking’, an innovative biotechnology that ensures the most concentrated of ingredient is preserved, Great Burdock Root contains powerful anti-oxidants capable of blocking the harmful external aggressions which damage collagen, a critical protein in the skin for maintaining skin smoothness. It is also rich in essential minerals  including iron (essential for making amino acids and collagen), magnesium (benefits skin by helping to retain skin elasticity), manganese (helps to protect the skin against oxygen-related damage and also against UV ray damage), selenium(a strong antioxidant that's important in maintaining skin elasticity and flexibility), zinc (promotes healing and protects against premature ageing) and last but by no means least calcium (which plays a major role in providing firmness and elasticity for the skin). And then we move onto Chestnut Seed Extract which is derived from a deciduous tree which can live for up to 700 years! The seed itself possesses high concentrations of antioxidants, invaluable ingredients for keeping the complexion smooth and radiant! These powerful extracts are fused with a performance-specific ‘morphotripetide’. Peptides are fragments of proteins which trick the skin into producing its own proteins so peptides play an important role in the fight against wrinkles. Our ‘MorphoTripeptide’ is hailed in the skincare industry as a ‘cult peptide’ for its ability to rejuvenate skin, support cell renewal and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

      And the ‘glacage sur le gateau’ (icing on the cake) is the addition of our patented youth restoring ‘Melatogenine’ youth molecule clinically proven to speed up cellular renewal and slow down the keratinisation process and having won multiple awards since it was invented 20 years ago I think Gatineau scientists might have unlocked the code to eternal youth.

      This really is a breakthrough formula that lets you keep the expression but lose the lines….

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