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      Winter Skincare Woes Resolved

      Whether or not you’re someone who enjoys winter, there’s no denying that’s it’s a tough time for our skin. Cold temperatures and low humidity mean that moisture levels in the air begin to drop and, on top of that, the cranked up central heating means the air in your home will be dry as well. These factors can all lead to dehydrated skin through a process called osmosis which is where the surrounding air (which now contains less moisture than your skin) will actually start pulling water out of your skin to compensate in turn damaging your outer barrier and causing tiny, invisible cracks in the skin. Before you know it, your fresh-faced glowing complexion has vanished and a parched, dull, red-raw scaly appearance is staring you in the face! Time to change up your skincare regime and build yourself a winter ‘skinsulation’ wardrobe that will keep your complexion catwalk ready as you pound the frosty streets this winter.

      Lightweight foaming cleansers feel great in the summer when sweat and sebum can be an issue but in winter when things are altogether drier its worth embracing an indulgent ‘balm’ cleanser like Age Benefit Melting Cleansing Elixir which is extremely effective at ‘make-up dissolving’ and ‘deep cleansing’ whilst leaving skin soft and dewy. Why should anyone have to choose between clean skin and moisturised skin when you deserve both?  Crafted with a luxurious blend of Algae oil and Oat lipids to bolsters skin’s protective barrier this dreamy cleanser provides a surge of moisture and nourishment leaving behind a complexion that feels nurtured, clean, and never stripped.

      If your skin needs ‘winter rescue’, build an extra layer into your skincare regime with Hydra Aura Water Crème, a quenching, dew-giving dream for compromised skin. Packed with humectant rich marine actives and an abundance of calming botanicals this outstanding hydrator resolves a challenged barrier functionality offering ground-breaking hydration where skin is most parched that lasts all day. What makes this weightless Water Crème so distinctive is its versatility; its roles are endless as you can use it as the ultimate overcoat, mix it into your serum or mask, add it to a primer, combine it into a neck gel or blend it with hybrid make-up. It’s not just smart, its super smart when it comes to delivering heroic hydration!

      And as we creep into winter, our metabolism naturally slows down. Our cells balk at the dropping temperatures and feel less inclined to repair, renew or replace themselves, choosing instead to kick back with a mince pie or whatever it is that skin cells eat. One of the best ways to kickstart skin cells back into action is to exfoliate regularly. The power of a good facial exfoliator knows no bounds and is superlative at coaxing cells into fast-tracked rejuvenation. Our Radiance Enhancing Gommage is like a twice-weekly gym session for your complexion and is fuelled by a dream team of skin refining AHA’s which work hard to buff away the appearance of dead and tired skin cells, boost cell renewal, purge pores of embedded impurities and leave skin with that post-facial glow. An opulent pearlescent gel with a delectable fruity fragrance it promises to take skin from drab to fab in minutes and is your one-way ticket to a smoother, brighter, hydrated complexion especially in the cold winter period.

      And what a total hallelujah moment for ‘parched limbs’ and ‘thirsty torsos’ with the recent launch of Defi Lift Firming Body Oil, a lightweight yet decadent body oil and the ultimate pampering product for both body & mind. Cocooning you in a comforting veil of nourishing actives including Oat lipids, Almond, Rosehip, Grapeseed and Black Cumin seed oils it works hard to banish scales whilst creating a barrier on the surface that reduces water loss leaving skin cashmere soft.  Powered by Defi Lift’s ‘Biopeptide Complex an iconic state-of-the-art complex, this skin-quenching oil can address a catalogue of complexion complaints, including fine lines, slackened contours, lumps and bumps and an uneven skin tone by prompting cells to produce vast amounts of skin-plumping collagen, reversing the signs of time and in turn revealing a baby-soft, supple, and more toned skin.

      Yet if in the darkest depths of winter, you still prefer the idea of lightweight body lotion then look no further than to our iconic AHA Body Lotion.  Wispy in texture, yet seriously potent in delivery it treats a whole manner of skin complaints whether you are suffering from rough, bumpy skin, razor bumps, skin irritation or just have an ultra-thirsty complexion. Nourishing, resurfacing, repairing, softening this is a real skin-repairing saviour and for the time-pressed it would be an indispensable addition to your routine as it instantly absorbs making it a great on the go option!

      A change-up in your winter skin care routine with these holy grail picks will allow you to be fully equipped and ready to rescue your ‘sub-zero’ skin woes and give you the confidence to brave any kind of weather. Your skin will be sighing with complete satisfaction!

      Lucy x



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