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      Winter Glow Collection

      Well, it looks like winter has arrived and is here to stay for a while and sadly the colder weather and shorter days do not equate to good things for your complexion. Its common knowledge that the cold is not kind to your skin; in fact, you could be plagued by everything from dryness, dehydration, redness inflammation AND a very dull complexion.

      Our skin is primarily composed of water, so as the temperature and moisture levels drop drastically, external air conditions have extremely low humidity and there is much less water available for our skin. If the air has low humidity, it will literally suck all of the water out of cells, leading to a dehydrating or shrivelling effect and combine that with even drier indoor heat and icy winds and skin does not stand a chance.

      With ever-changing weather, your skincare shelf should be thought of as a skin wardrobe, prepared for every eventuality it meets throughout the year and as the months get colder it’s really important to winter-proof your routine.

      Meet our hand-selected Winter Glow Skincare Collection, housing four hydration heroes, which from the outset embraces the ebb and flow of this changing season pampering and protecting your skin during the chilly winter months.

       PHA + BHA Glow Tonique

      As with any well-thought-out skin ritual, the crucial first step of this routine starts after you’ve prepped your skin with a comforting cleanse.  Starring the brand's first ever acid based toner, BHA + PHA Glow Tonique truly pulls out that glow from within as it embraces the powers of exfoliating Polyhydroxy and Salicylic Acids to provide a mild resurfacing effect – say Au Revoir to dulling dead skin cells!  And the good stuff doesn’t end there as the combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil weigh in on dull and dehydrated skin quenching thirsty skin cells to reveal a smooth and balanced complexion. A game-changer that will leave you beaming from ear to ear with undeniable radiance, simply sweep the toner all over the face and neck for a refreshing, radiant, petal-soft finish.  

      Collagene Expert Hydra Essence

      Sitting halfway between toner and moisturiser, Collagene Expert Hydra Essence with its lightweight consistency is brimming with hydrating, soothing and skin plumping extracts to help maintain moisture levels and support your skin’s barrier function –keeping the bad stuff (pollutants) out and the good stuff(water) in.  Think of this potent tonic as a daily prescription that will deliver a cocktail of vitamins, peptides, and pro-biotics speedily to skin cells providing them with an energising boost, whilst promoting collagen synthesis for increased resilience. Simply pat this stunning formula into your skin after toning to unlock the benefits – it will quickly become the most hard-working heart of your beauty regime.

      Hydra Aura Water Cream

      Inspired by the ocean, our efficacious weightless Hydra Aura Water Crème is formulated with marine minerals to improve skin hydration, skin barrier function, and enhance skin health. A bouncy gel-cream texture, imbued with vitamins and antioxidants it provides essential protection against the external elements and targets the root cause of dehydration to rejuvenate parched, tired skin. What is noteworthy is that this is a really versatile skin solution which you can build into your existing skincare routine - you can use it as the ultimate topcoat, mix it into your serum, layer it with a sleep mask, add it to a primer, or combine it with hybrid make-up – the possibilities are endless. Gulped down by the skin, this truly makes light work of enhancing your skin quality giving an immediate skin revival and a fresh-water glow!

      Radiance Enhancing Gommage is a grain-free formula that works to brighten, refine, and smooth your complexion for truly luminous results. What’s the product’s secret? Just the right concentration of three naturally derived fruit acids that complement each other to gently remove dead cells.  A 5 minute treatment with a heavenly citrus scent, just add it to your ritual twice a week and wait for the gushing of compliments on your newfound glow!

      These supercharged skincare picks are the secret to mastering winter season skin prep and your final coat of skin armour to give you all the protection your skin will need no matter if you are mountain side, pitch side or fireside!

      Lucy x

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