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      Travel Skincare Tips

      Holiday season is almost upon us and what an exhilarating experience it can be whether you’re travelling near or far, by plane or car, exploring landscapes, and new cultures. Yet amidst all the fun (and if you travel frequently enough) it becomes just as important to choose supercharged skincare for the journey just as it does to choose your travel outfit to keep your skin feeling hydrated and glowing from day to night.

      Frequent flying, exposure to different climates, and the use of unfamiliar water can wreak havoc on your skin as it struggles to adjust to varying humidity's leading to dehydration or increased oiliness.  Travel-related stress, disrupted sleep patterns, and dietary changes (including sugar overload) can also contribute to skin issues and sudden breakouts whilst sun exposure can potentially sensitize the complexion and cause unwanted pigmentation. Throw in a few drinks from the bar cart and you’re at risk of a puffy face and saggy skin. – I hate to be a party pooper!

      When talking about on-the-ogo skincare, we are talking about travel size saviours.  These tiny essentials do what they say on the tin – they are mini skincare treasures but just shrunken down into smaller sizes saving space in your handbag, ruck sack or suitcase, and they work wonders to ensure your beauty regime is never interrupted – even when you’re away from home.  

      Whether you are planning on getting some sun on the Costa Del Sol, embracing your adventurous side, or headed to the big city, having a healthy glow will have you feeling more confident when you arrive and avoid you from fast track tanning where you’ll likely burn. Let’s face it nobody likes that first day on holiday where you’re the palest person by the pool! I absolutely adore our award-winning Golden Glow Gradual Tan and whether you’re a seasoned tanning pro or a first-time faux glow enthusiast, this hybrid multi award-winning face and body formula has got you covered allowing you to achieve a natural (and believable) buildable colour without streaks, smell, or stress.  Adored by beauty influencers alone it is enriched with Soy and Coconut Oil and it conditions as it subtly bronzes the skin and for best results apply consecutively three to four days before you travel. This is the gift that just keeps on ‘glow’-giving!

      When space is at a premium in your suitcase using a multitasking product can be a game changer so you can streamline your skincare routine without compromising on results. One of the keys when it comes to travelling is to make sure you bring a cleanser and exfoliator which both need to work harder than ever before, purging skin of SPF, sweat, chlorine, salt, sand, AND dead skin cells.  Collagene Expert Phyto Radiance Cleanser isn’t just your run of the mill cleanser – no siree! This velvety transforming cream to oil formula unites cleansing with exfoliating and is the ultimate choice for skin that has been disrupted by travel. Laced with Fruit Enzymes, Marine Collagen AND Hyaluronic Acid it resurfaces whilst simultaneously delivering a serious hit of moisture, restoring a parched, creased complexion to its velvety best.  The icing on the cake?  It is perfectly housed in a pocket-size version so is completely travel friendly!

      Nothing dries out my skin quite like traveling. Dry air, air pressure, UV exposure and a change in diet can all take a toll on your skin. If your skin is chronically thirsty never underestimate the power of an essence. Often misunderstood., essences originate from the Far East and are a pivotal part of many Asian women’s skin care rituals. Collagene Expert Hydra Essence sits halfway between a toner and serum and is a silky tonic brimming with hydrating, plumping, and brightening extracts to help maintain moisture levels and support your skin’s barrier function – keeping ‘good stuff’ in and ‘bad stuff’ like pollutants out. Lightweight and quickly absorbed it adds an extra layer of hydration and prep to the skin and absorbs quickly sinking in deep within the skin due to the watery consistency. A formula housing many active ingredients including Collagen Boosting Peptides, brightening Niacinamide and Vitamin C as well as Natural Moisture Actives to bolster moisture levels, it boosts the effectiveness of your whole beauty regime and is the perfect power-magnet prep to heighten the performance of whatever you apply next. Use it morning and night post-toner and pre-serum and enjoy.  For the sake of an additional 20 seconds, it’s a no brainer – isn’t it?

      Combining the power of Seaweeds with moisture magnet Prickly Pear Extract, Hydra Aura Water Crème boasts a deliciously light creamy gel-like texture that absorbs quickly and looks great under make-up.  Working to restore, balance and condition all skin types the formula smells tantalisingly fresh and clean and dramatically bathes the skin in moisture whilst defending against environmental aggressors. Housed in a petite tube perfect for travelling with, are you ready to take a dip and drench your skin in hydration harmony?

      When you travel curate a make-up kit and make sure versatility at its core. The secret to staying flawless from night to day is hand-bag friendly Miracle Eye Contour, a complexion saviour you didn’t know you needed (but really do). A seamless concealer, glow-giving highlighter, a smoothing primer, and colour-corrector this little tube of magic will quickly detract from whatever you’re hoping to camouflage and because it’s formulated with colour adjusting technology its suitable for all skin tones as it effortlessly glides on and absorbs into skin with no white cast in sight. Laced with skin-beneficial ingredients from line smoothing Hyaluronic Acid to soothing Aloe Vera it applies like a second skin and can be used solo for a luminous natural effect, as a blurring tool for skin imperfections, as an elongator for eyeshadow or as seamless smoothing base for foundation. Expect a dreamy finish.

      Travelling light doesn’t mean sacrificing your skincare routine and although countless things may work against you on the go, these beauty essentials should be your trusty travel companions to allow you to embrace sophisticated skincare and ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing while on the road. Happy travels!


      Lucy x

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