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      The Glow From Within

      The transition from autumn to winter brings colder temperatures and long dark nights, and a dull lack-lustre complexion often comes with them! There is nothing worse than skin that’s lost its spark – not only can it seemingly add years, but a sallow skin accentuates every little crease, pore, and blemish and every patch of uneven skin tone on the face, neck and décolleté!

      There are lots of saboteurs between the skin and that elusive ‘glowing from within’ look.  Dead skin cells, sluggish cell turnover, air pollution, sun damage, poor skincare regimes and of course hormonal imbalances all play their role in fatigued looking skin. Unless you opt for 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, a well-balanced chi and inner beauty then you definitely need a little helping hand!
      With busy lives and hectic schedules there is a demand for a skincare solution that offers maximum results in minimum time and yet again Gatineau does not disappoint with the launch of the Radiance Energising Concentrate in to the Perfection Ultime family.
      This really is all about waking up tired, dull skin - getting some ‘attitude’ injected back in and restoring that sparkle in time for Christmas!

      And the botanical secrets to reinstating that dewy glow lie firmly with both Ginger and Comfrey Root Extract. Steeped in history, and indigenous to Asia, both herbs are best known to be super-healing and have been widely used as natural remedies for over 5,000 years.  Ginger has excellent anti-aging properties due to its ability to almost totally inhibit collagen degradation protecting from dangerous enzymes that destroy collagen fibres and cause wrinkles.   This herb also acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, an indispensable ingredient in skincare these days to help combat day to day environmental aggressions that lead to accelerated ageing. It also contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds so can visibly reduce any type of redness on the skin as does Comfrey Root which contains a natural source of Allantoin in its root.  This wonder ingredient not only increases water content in the skin but has powerful protective and healing abilities.
      Add in to this serum a good measure of Magnesium, which is one of the most prevalent minerals found in the body and is otherwise called ‘the mineral of beauty’ in traditional Chinese medicine.  Magnesium is being hailed as the ‘future of beauty’ and a healthy dose can literally ‘smooth and soothe’ but equally can really zhush up a tired complexion by assisting in vital energy production to our skin cells making them positive powerhouses for cellular regeneration.
      And then we come to the small, yet oh-so-powerful Sweet Almond Extract which is packed with Vitamin E, Protein, Potassium, Zinc and Essential Fatty Acids (if that’s not mighty I don’t know what is). This super-powered oil not only keeps skin cells healthy but also helps them retain moisture, prevents oxidative stress and keeps skin supple and smooth.
      So Perfection Ultime Radiance Energising Concentrate really packs a punch in the quest for beautiful skin and because this silky hydrating skin perfector has been formulated with a very low molecular weight it is able to infuse deep into the skin and strike where the skin demands it.
      For best results apply 2 pumps morning and evening after cleansing and follow with your moisturiser.
      This product will be available exclusively to QVC on our Christmas Today’s Special Value on the 17th December- don’t miss it! And keep reading to hear what our trusty Gatineau Women thought when they trialed the product!

      Lucy x

      Age  20-39
      “As soon as you work this into your skin you’re hit by the most wonderful fragrance. It sinks in effortlessly and really makes a lovely base for make up. After using this day and night my skin is definetly looking more radiant. Skin appears smoother and my normally dull skin is looking brighter.”
      “If you have dull, tired, blemished skin this is a definite must try!”

      Age 70-79
      “I have a shocking cold at the moment but using the serum brightened up the look of my skin and left a translucent, almost 'moonlight' glow which certainly made me look and feel better!”
      "I would certainly recommend this product; I shall be purchasing it myself, and would recommend it to anyone of any age whose skin looks dull and lifeless.  The glow it gives your skin certainly makes you look and feel younger and more attractive."

      Age 50-59
      “I most enjoyed the rich texture (but not greasy) which sank instantly into my skin, and the smell. I would recommend for anyone with maturing or dry skin”.

      Age 50-59
      “After use my skin felt firm and plump. It sank in to my skin quickly and didn't leave any residue so I could quickly apply my moisturiser over the top of it.”
      “My skin definitely felt firmer.  Anyone with issues around sagging or loose skin would benefit from using this product.”
      “The first thing I notice was the delicious smell. Sunk straight into my skin. My complexion was more radiant and glowing. Didn't have to put as much makeup on.”
      “I'd recommend this product to anyone with dull skin that wants their skin to look fresh well looked after. Taking their skin care to the next level. Ideal for sensitive skin and anyone who wants to where less makeup and feel good about themselves, or none at all.”

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