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      The Beauty Hall of Fame

      The eyes! Such a small part of the face, but they have such an impact – they really are “the windows to our souls” - they can reveal so much about us, and they’re a give away for lack of sleep, sinus problems, sun exposure, allergies, water intake, and smoking! 

      It’s because the skin around the eyes is so thin and delicate with a very poor irrigation system so it is the first area to reveal discolouration, puffiness, ageing and uneven skin tone. Even using the most effective and targeted eye creams in the world, we can’t completely eradicate these concerns.

      So my solution has always been to reach for a concealer to use on top of my (DefiLift) eye serum to camouflage and disguise these imperfections, but as I have discovered over the years, a lot of these concealers with their chalky formulas (and boy have I tried a few!) can really sink into lines, accentuating the problem whilst providing inadequate coverage, and simply acting as a slightly inadequate plaster for the problem, as opposed to working on the problem as well.

      So it’s time to try a new tack and Gatineau’s new Miracle Eye Contour certainly falls into my beauty hall of fame.  Think of it as an eye treatment- meets-concealer and the clue is in the name – it works miracles!

      It’s an incredibly dewy lightweight formula, and what I particularly love is that Gatineau scientists have packed it full of skin loving ingredients to tackle every problematic concern associated with the eye contour area.

      Let’s start with the comprehensive list of anti-oxidants including Ginko Biloba, Cornflower, Aloe Vera and Green Tea.  Green Tea in itself should win an award as the most powerful anti-oxidant known to scientists. This wonder ingredient is where traditional Chinese medicine meets modern science, as medical studies confirm that the EGCG compounds in Green Tea can actually reactivate skin cells that are dying due to poor lifestyle habits, exposure to sunlight and pollution. Loaded with polyphenols, Green Tea fights free radicals and reduces skin inflammation. (Geishas are famous for their elaborate tea ceremonies; involving green tea which they believe keeps their skin glowing and gorgeous!)

      Then there is Grapeseed Extract. You might think of grapes as a great lunchtime snack but once the juice has been extracted (for just the odd bottle of wine!) the Grape seeds left behind are a super source of Vitamins C and E and really condition the skin and reduce the signs of ageing. And the list goes on with Ginseng Root Extract and Vitamin B3 which both help to brighten the complexion, reduce wrinkles and even the skin tone. 

      Of course an eye treatment wouldn’t be complete without Hyaluronic Acid which never fails to disappoint in the hydration department – it’s a naturally occurring polysaccharide in the human body which provides plumpness and suppleness, but it’s presence diminishes as the skin ages. The addition of Hyaluronic Acid packs a ton of skin-boosting benefits including mega moisture into the skin, giving it a much fresher and plumped appearance.  

      Then the Miracle Eye Contour’s colour correction technology contains optic brighteners which make it feather-light but still durable enough to combat shadows as well as conceal pesky lines.  The application is seamless because of the colour adjusting formula which immediately blends into the skin and beautifies the eye contour area leaving a naturally radiant finish.

      Lucy xx

      Age  20-39
      “This is absolutely divine! It's soft cloud like texture just makes it absorb almost instantly into the skin giving an instant brighter even tone to the skin. If you are looking for instant results then this is for you!”
      “Skin was instantly moisturized and even toned. Dark circles were instantly gone and the gorgeous cloud like texture made the cream sink in immediately. The effects could still be seen after make up was applied. I think this may be my new addiction! I can't wait to see even more results after longer usuage.”
      “This is perfect for anyone looking to diminish dark circles whilst still looking natural and not using a ton of concealer! This is working wonders on your skin and not just simply 'concealing' your dark circles. This is a must for anyone with fine lines, dark circles and tired looking eyes. Prepare to be amazed!!”
      Age 70-79
      “It conceals and appears to deflect light making the lines near your eyes relax.  Very little is needed, I used too much on the first application!” 
      “It seems to soften and diminish the appearance of facial lines, and lights the area it is applied to. I would recommend this to anyone who feels they have issues around the eyes which they wish to soften or conceal.”

      Age 50-59
      “A few small dabs made such a difference. Moisture levels were improved and imperfections were smoothed out.  Wrinkles and skin tone were improved.”
      “I would recommend this to anyone with light wrinkles, uneven skin tone, or dry skin.”
      Age 50-59
      “A little of this product goes a long way so I should imagine a full size product would last you a long time. It reduced the look of lines and dark circles and blended easily. I loved the way the product changed colour to blend with your skin”
      “The product seemed to blurr out imperfections and any darkness around the eye. My under eye area appeared almost 'lifted if that makes sense, it seemed to smooth everything out and diminish the look of crepiness/ bags etc. Very clever.”
      “I would recommend it to anyone who has issues with under eye dark circles , bags etc. What ever age (I know this can be an issue for young women as well as those over 50)”
      “I loved this product. I only used the tiniest amount over my eye area, instead of applying make up. Blended in really well and went the perfect colour for my complexion.”
      “The Miracle Eye Contour Cream covers all unwanted blemishes and evens out  your complexion, really  moisturizing. Ideal for sensitive skin. I didn't need to put any foundation over the top of this lovely product it's great. Didn't find it sticky and had no black marks on my eye lids from my mascara. Which I do suffer from. Lasted all day. This is one of my favorite Gatineau Products. It's amazing. I just love it.”

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