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      Tan Accelerating Lotion – aftersun care at its finest!

      Protecting your skin from UV rays doesn’t end once you’re back indoors. Aftersun care should be just as an important part of your beauty arsenal as your go to sun cream, yet they are often considered just an ‘afterthought’ (no pun intended!). And you might think aftersun products are only necessary when you’ve had sunburn but think again. No matter how gloomy the weather may seem, the sun’s UV rays are constantly able to penetrate your skin all year round.  Exposure to any type of UV light (UVA and UVB both) can disrupt your skin barrier, trigger dryness and inflammation as well as lead to premature ageing and hyperpigmentation – in fact UVA light can penetrate the skin as far as the dermis destructing collagen and elastin fibres which provide structure and elasticity for the skin and although UVB light doesn’t penetrate as far it can still cause damage –what we know as dreaded sunburn.  


      Many over the counter after-sun formulas can be thick and suffocating and although can ease short-term sunburn symptoms they don’t address the long-term damage that exposure to UV rays can cause.  A godsend for the whole family, Gatineau’s Tan Accelerating Lotion is a serious solution for before, during and after sunbathing and is guaranteed to kick start an addiction.  Poles apart from your run of the mill aftersuns, it is a multi-award-winning formula with many attributes to its name.  A 365 day a year face and body moisturiser, come rain or shine this hard-working formula is perfect for soothing sunburn, rehydrating parched skin as well as elongating your precious tan. You are probably going to want a lifetime supply!

      Expertly crafted with both soothing and hydrating actives, the pairing of Vanilla Extract and Allantoin indulgently cocoon the complexion, soothing sun-ravaged cells, and instantly granting you that sigh of ‘cooling’ relief so you’ll look your best during and after your days in the sun. And quenching dry and thirsty complexions is Grapeseed Oil, a natural emollient and a hydration hero which works hard to reverse the days damage vanquishing dry flaky skin for a gorgeous dewy finish.

      And Tan Accelerating Lotion provides you with your very own suit of armour with the addition of a ‘Skin Protection Complex’ derived from Melatonin which provides a conditioning shield between the complexion and the elements as it supplies skin with bundles of antioxidants to safeguard against hyperpigmentation and illuminate lacklustre skin.  And to help maintain skin elasticity and reduce wrinkle depth Narcissus Bulb is an important addition to slow cell ageing, lengthen cell life and protect them from extreme temperatures.

      And the icing on the cake has to be the pioneering ‘Tan Activator Complex’ a blend of a Melanin Activating Peptide and Sweet Orange Extract which has been specifically developed for those who want to prolong their beautiful holiday tan whilst soothing sun-exposed skin. These two revolutionary actives boost melanin production before you are exposed to the sun and the more melanin that is produced the ‘darker’ and more ‘even’ your tan will become when you are exposed to the sun but equally these powerful actives suppress inflammatory cytokines triggered with overexposure to UV (bye-bye heat rash) and provide a protective shield against harmful free radicals (bye-bye ‘leathery looking skin’).

      The sun is your best friend when it comes to achieving a sun kissed tan but unfortunately it can be your worst enemy. Tan Accelerating Lotion is the armour-laden guard standing alertly ready for battle for whatever you throw at your complexion on a daily basis. A formula so nourishing and lightweight it will grant sunshine’s enviably glow without the damage and long-term consequences. So, whether you’re spending the day outside or in make sure you slather your complexion to deflect the probability of premature ageing and outside harm.


      Lucy x

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