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      Supersize Hydra Aura Water Cream 200ml!

      The weather is finally starting to warm up with spring on the horizon; and after months of alternating between hot, dry indoor air and the harsh cold outside I think it is safe to say that no matter what our skin type is, we are all striving to achieve that healthy hydrated springtime glow and bring back that beautiful radiance that we’ve been missing all winter long.

      What works for skin during the cold weather season may not necessarily be what it requires during the spring and summer months but FEAR NOT as we have recognised this need and are bringing you a timely Beauty Steal on QVC in May so that you can get ahead and arm yourself with an absolute must-have that will stop a parched, dull and lacklustre complexion in its tracks!

      Introducing our NEW EXCLUSIVE SUPERSIZE Hydra Aura Eclat De Soie Water Cream (in a whopping 200ml at a steal of a price!)  complete with exquisite brand-new Aqua Marine packaging, this freshwater gel water crème with its ultra-lightweight, fluid texture is a real versatile skin solution which you can build into your existing daily routine to grant thirsty cells an incredible gulp of continued hydration and propel your complexion’s radiance levels to dewy heights.

      Already established as TOP RATED with an average 4.9-star reviews on QVC's website, this thirst-quenching gel cream diffuses beautifully into the skin infusing it with an intelligent ‘Hydra Aura Complex’, a fusion of skin-loving goodies from around the globe, which have been carefully chosen for their ability to boost moisture retention, and offer you your one-way ticket to a gorgeously plump illuminated complexion whilst balancing unpredictable skins.

      Crafted with precious Barbary Fig Extract native to the Prickly Pear cactus plant from the far away land of Mexico – this plant is constantly exposed to hot arid elements and harsh desert winds, yet it contains exceptionally high Vitamin E levels. Barbary Fig works hard to un-do the damage caused by sunlight, pollution and less than healthy lifestyle choices maintaining a youthful vibrancy. With its high nutritional content of Linoleic Acid except no less than a supple and smooth complexion as it swiftly restores equilibrium to keep your complexion content.

      The addition of Dead Sea Salt derived from the world’s most ancient and natural spa is a very welcome addition as it contains a precious cocktail of minerals is rapidly absorbed by the skin neutralising daily exposure to pollutants and quickly allowing your skin to recover that ‘get up and glow.

      Fusing the properties of not one but both red and green seaweed extracts, these powerful marine actives are designed to draw in and retain moisture so that your cells function at their best whilst calming compromised and unbalanced skin.

      Beyond fitting perfectly into your skincare ritual, you can mix Hydra Aura Water Crème into your serum, combine it with the much-loved Defi Lift Firming Neck and Décolleté Gel or simply use it as the ultimate topcoat!

      The road to glass-like skin can often be a bumpy one BUT with Hydra Aura Eclat De Soie Water Crème expect the journey to be smooth, seamless, and just let the lightweight intensely hydrating formula sink into the skin and ‘go glow’!

      Lucy x

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