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      Supersize Exfoliating PHA + BHA Glow Tonique!

      When it comes to skincare products that you slather on every day what could be better than a supersize version which will save you money, reduce waste and ensure can enjoy your products for much longer. Our Exfoliating PHA + BHA Glow Tonique, famed for its skin transforming properties is going large for the month of February exclusively at QVC and this holy grail product is a total routine game-changer that solves many skincare woes and will set the stage for a truly glowing skin.

      In between cleansing and moisturising you’d be forgiven for seeing a face toner as a bit of an old fashioned skincare step. Historically over-saturated with skin-stripping ingredients they have been known to leave skin feeling tight and irritated, but toners have come a long way in recent years and a new wave of facial toners supercharged with exfoliating actives can tackle a whole host of common beauty bugbears from blemishes to pigmentation, dullness, and dehydration – the list of benefits is looong!

      On a mission to switch on the skin’s glow like a light switch, Exfoliating PHA + BHA Glow Tonique is the latest refining hero from our exfoliating range and is fuelled with a blend of acids that combine intelligent exfoliation with an all-encompassing dewy lightweight fluid. Boasting an impressive combination of 4% PHA and 0.5% BHA these acids work in harmony to reduce cohesion between dead, dulling cells triggering skin’s natural desquamation process and promising impressive exfoliation without sensitivity or redness.

      A shortcut to an effortless fresh-faced glow, Glow Tonique will elevate your complexion to dizzy heights and with the addition of Oxygeskin, a plant active derived from the Garden Nasturtium Flower, (easily distinguished for its exquisite orange flowers) your skin will be revived of vital oxygen just like a gust of fresh air. Oxygeskin targets environmentally induced skin stressors induced from concentrated Blue Light which is emitted not only from the sun but from digital devices too. Blue light (also referred to as HEV Light or High Energy Visible Light) poses potential skin harm as it induces oxidative stress which, over time can lead to unwanted changes in the skin from pigmentation to premature ageing. With many of us spending an average of four and a half hours staring at our computer screens and smartphones on a daily basis we are all getting significantly more Blue Light exposure than ever before so we could all use a little Oxygeskin to beat the ‘screen blues’!

      The perfect way to deliver long-lasting moisture and replenishment without overburdening the skin - this formula fuses Hyaluronic Acid with Jojoba and Sunflower Oil and promises hydration and replenishment without heaviness. Expect fine lines to be plumped, dry patches to be smoothed away and the complexion calm and supple. Expect a major case of baby face!

      It doesn’t get any more ‘effortless French Beauty’ than this and Glow Tonique is your secret weapon to a very glowy, very clear and very happy complexion.


      Lucy x

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