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      Supersize DefiLIFT Eye Contour Lift!

      These days I think we are finally starting to understand the damaging effects of the environment and the need to protect our skin against pollution and the sun. Whether we are slathering on copious amounts of SPF or layering on anti-oxidant rich moisturisers to shield us we have come a long way in the last decade.  I wish I could be as encouraged when it comes to the more fragile areas of the face though – let’s take the delicate skin around the eyes for example.  Not only is it up to 10 times as thin as the rest of the face, but it also suffers from a very poor irrigation system causing puffiness and dark circles and is much more prone to stretching and wrinkling. And yet whilst our eyes are the ‘windows to the soul’ they tend to be an area of the face that can become soul-less if ignored.   

      And maybe it’s because we know dark circles can be blurred out with concealers, puffy eyes can be soothed with eye drops and wrinkles are just acknowledged as a sign of growing older BUT it’s when you wake up one morning and you notice your eyebrows have travelled south and there is little or no trace of your natural eyelids that panic really sets in because this is not such an easy problem to treat!  So, what does cause dreaded droopy eyelids? Well let me lift the lid on this (excuse the pun).

      Droopy eyelids, also known as ptosis is caused by a loss of elasticity as well as a weakening of the muscle, (called the levator) that is responsible for elevating the eyelid. Shrinkage and the downward displacement of the supporting fat pads under the eyebrows, coupled with an overall loss in both the amounts of collagen and elastic fibres are equally contributing factors that cause this. When cell turnover is at its peak, there is an abundance of elastin in our skin which allows the naturally taut surface of the skin to snap back into place like a new pair of Spanx. The sobering reality, though, is that we stop making elastin around the time we hit puberty.

      So, in the fight against ‘eyelids going south’ with age how can we achieve that ‘no knife’ eye lift?  Enter Gatineau’s Defi Lift Eye Contour originally launched 10 years ago and designed to lift, firm and decongest the delicate eye contour. This targeted eye treatment has had a decade of success and coupled with continued research and development by Gatineau’s team of expert biochemists we thought it was time for an upgrade. Yes, you heard it here first - Defi Lift Eye Contour’s formula has been re-jigged for even more superior results. This improved formula contains everything that was previously included but sets out to create a 3-dimension cosmetic eye lift as well as iron out wrinkles and reduce puffiness and dark circles with the addition of some extra ingredients!  

      We’ve added what they call ‘Fixilift technology’ to the iconic formula of this eye serum which is a combination of caesalpinia spinosa, a South American plant known as ‘Incas green gold’ and kappaphycus alvareziiv, a warm water alga.  The synergy of these two ingredients delivers a unique “second skin” creating an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect that visibly smooths and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
      With the addition of supercharged ‘Botufix’ - an exclusive avant-garde secret created a decade ago, this “Botox like” active ingredient dramatically reduces the depth of expression wrinkles by gently relaxing them to iron out crow’s feet and smooth over areas of crepiness.  

      Add to this the small yet mighty soy proteins which help to stimulate collagen and elastin production and reconstruct the interlinking of these damaged fibres to restore a supple and springy mattress support for the skin. And Gatineau don’t stop there – to ensure the fibres are evenly distributed and all gaps and holes are filled they have included hydrolyzed corn proteins leaving skin redensified, firm and lifted.  The light fluid consistency means it easily glides on and sinks into the delicate under-eye area, and because of the added Allantoin and Vitamin E and F the skin is fully protected against the harsh environmental aggressions, whilst decongesting yeast extract reduces under eye bags and relieves dark circles.

      Last but by no means least a dusting of mineral powders completes this highly impressive expert Defi Lift Eye Contour Lift illuminating the skin and restoring clarity and radiance.
      And because we know how much you will love it we are bringing you Defi Lift Eye Contour in a SUPERSIZE!  A 30ml mega pump to last you 6 months!  It really doesn’t get any better than that!  Just use HALF a pump morning and evening and press around the eye contour area, as well as on and above the brow for maximum lift with the ring fingers.
      Available exclsuively in our  DefiLIFT 3D Firming Face & Body Collection available on the 9th September! Don't miss out!

      Lucy x

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