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      Summer Skincare

      With summer just around the corner there no better time to refresh your skincare routine in preparation for the warmer months.   Summer is synonymous with holidays, heatwaves and endless sunshine which may sound dreamy but without a few subtle tweaks to your skincare regime it doesn’t take much for the sun’s glow to eliminate your own one!

      This is the season that can put a lot of stress on your skin. Hot sticky summer nights can not only make it difficult to sleep they can encourage you to sweat and when combined with dirt, bacteria and heat your skin’s pores can become clogged and blemishes can occur. That excess sweating also results in internal dehydration and the body loses out on its natural moisture making it dull and dry. And whilst a summer vacation is something we all look forward to it does come with its downsides - from sunburn to unexpected breakouts, over-chlorinated skin and then there are the smaller affects you may not notice right away like the appearance of freckles and dark spots caused when the melanocytes inside your skin cells get over activated by the UV light – oh and did I mention that sun exposure is the primary cause of wrinkles and reduce skin elasticity?

      No matter if you’re catching rays or waves a stellar cleanser is how you should be starting and ending your day, and this is a step that really does bear repeating. In fact, double cleansing has long been practiced in Korea and remains the backbone of their beauty routines. Double cleansing isn’t just repeating the act of washing your face, it’s about switching up what you’re washing it with to achieve a deeper clean. The first cleanse is all about eliminating make-up and sunscreen whereas the second cleanse helps take care of the stuff you might not see with the naked eye like pollutants and debris. Collagene Expert Phyto-radiance Cleanser with its velvety cream formula is a great first cleanse as it makes quick work to whisk away make-up, impurities and SPF whilst simultaneously boosting skin with hydration.  A triple action cleanser that does the job of cleansing, toning, and exfoliating it has been infused with a medley of fruit acids and hydrating heroes including Plant Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane which cloak your complexion with lasting moisture leaving it brighter, balanced, and nourished.  Our NEW Radiance Enhancing Gelee Cleanser is the ultimate follow-up to complete your cleansing ritual and is a quenching cleansing gel brimming with Caviar Lime Fruit and Vitamin C which purge pores of dirt, impurities and bacteria leaving skin clear, bright, and gorgeously glowing. It makes an exquisite cleansing counterpart.

      And slotting seamlessly into anyone’s skincare routine Collagene Expert Hydra Essence is a dynamic lotion with the light texture of a toner and the power of a serum that you are going to want to indulge in this summer! It’s a skin balancer, a primer, a super hydrator, a protector, it will enhance the efficacy of your hardworking regime AND it is mostly certainly the key to a luminous dewy complexion. A must have for ANY skin type it has been crafted with potent peptide technology, a powerful vitamin combo and vital hydration heroes and with just a few drops this magical lotion repairs your weakened surface barrier, regulates collagen levels, and swiftly keeps hydration levels topped up leaving skin feeling and looking seriously plump and perky.

      One of the big switcheroo’s you will want to make this summer is modifying your moisturiser. During the warmer months your skin retains moisture and produces more oil than during the winter, so your skin doesn’t need such a heavy-duty moisturiser. Having said this, just because it is sunny, and your face might be wet with sweat you mustn’t skip out on moisturising - it’s still an essential part of any routine. Hydra Aura Water Crème has a silky water-gel texture that thirsty cells gulp down granting an incredible 12 hours of continued hydration. With not one but three different types of marine actives the complexion is nurtured with health-supporting antioxidants, trace minerals and minerals, whilst the addition of Dead Sea Salt promotes a clear and balanced complexion. For pores that get parched this is like candy floss for your skin as it injects a shot of moisture to maintain skins youthful bounce and create a flawless canvas for make-up application.

      One of the most obvious signs of sun damage is age spots and dark patches and it’s no secret that these areas of discolouration can be really challenging to cover up. We talk about an even skin tone all the time but actually creating a truly uniform skin tone with clarity and smoothness is no mean feat. My flawless strategy to tackle this and other skin imperfections unites two of our multi award-winning skincare products, Golden Glow Gradual Tan, and Miracle Eye Contour.

      Golden Glow Gradual Tan is a subtle hybrid tanning solution that dispenses just the right amount of pigment to build a natural buildable sun-kissed colour that intensifies gradually over time. Part nurturing face and body moisturiser part gradual tanner, this is perfect for bringing a naturally healthy tanned glow without any unevenness or tide marks BUT better, yet it hides a multitude of blemishes including sunspots and pigmentation flaws.  The clever substance in this gradual tan is DHA which reacts with the amino acids on the top layer of the skin to colour it steadily and evenly giving you all the glow with none of the streaks, smell, or stress. It's incredibly easy to apply and blend and it has no guide colour, so it won't dye your sheets and clothes. Bonus!

      And if you want to put your dark circles and hyperpigmentation on ‘DND’ Miracle Eye Contour, a hybrid concealer offers real make-up benefits with tangible skincare results. This versatile ‘do it all’ concealer is bursting with exclusive colour adjusting technology and skin protecting antioxidants and can be used to correct, conceal, highlight, and contour whether you’re camouflaging dark circles, battling blemishes, masking redness, or simply evening out your skin tone. A long wearing crease proof formula this will be your new right-hand woman. allowing you to build and blend your way to flawless filter worthy skin! A ‘one colour’ fits all skin tones it delivers perfect shade transformation upon blending into skin, and I can promise you it is a serious overachiever!

      A stellar of a line-up of beauties, these ‘caches’ will be the crisp cotton and linen of your skincare wardrobe with the promise to ‘flatter’ not ‘batter’ your skin as they expertly allow you to pirouette your way to that  ‘summer feeling’ with a fresh, supple, and dewy complexion – What’s not to love?


      Lucy x

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