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      Spring Into Radiance

      Skin radiance is the epitome of a healthy complexion reflecting inner vitality and well-being and its one beauty goal that’s nearly universal no matter what your skin type. Achieving that coveted luminosity is entirely possible and doesn’t require expensive treatments; its more about investing a bit of time, love, and patience……oh and some really high performance ‘glow inducing’ Gatineau skincare!

      Dull skin struggles to reflect light and it might appear tired, dry, patchy, and ashy with a little uneven skin texture thrown in for good measure! Lifestyle factors such as busy schedules, pollution, poor sleeping patterns, age and your existing skincare regime can all threaten to rob our radiance but the journey to glowing skin can be achieved with the right tips and tricks no matter your skin’s current condition. So, if you are destined to achieve that lit-from-within look but your skin has another agenda I have hand-picked the ultimate glow-boosting products for dull skin in need of a radiance reboot!



      Kick off your morning routine with a really good cleanse using our zesty and vitalising Radiance Enhancing Gelee Cleanser.  Cleansing is an important step in your quest for glowing skin as it removes impurities, debris, and stale make-up from pores – all of which can dull the complexion.  With the same heavenly citrus scent as our iconic Radiance Enhancing Gommage this resurfacing power cleanser charged with Caviar Lime Fruit acids quickly and gently removes make-up, dirt and debris whilst actively illuminating to reveal ultra-clean hydrated skin that positively glows with contentment.



      Bring skin back from the brink and say ‘Au revoir’ to dulling dead skin cells with Exfoliating BHA & PHA Glow Tonique. This radiance-boosting formula is supercharged with both Beta Hydroxy Acids from Salicylic Acid and Polyhydroxy Acids from Gluconolactone which collectively smooth the skin texture, so it is perfectly prepped for make-up or simply glowing at its natural best. And the good stuff doesn’t end there as Gatineau has ensured you can use it daily thanks to the hydrating and protective extracts of Hyaluronic Acid and Oxygeskin. A swipe and go saviour and an absolute daily ‘must-dew’!



      Dehydrated skin is down to water loss which can be caused by factors like not drinking enough water, prolonged exposure to sunlight and low humidity. If your skin becomes dehydrated, you will notice your complexion appears tired and dull with a greyish tone, so it is important to reach for products that flood the skin with hydration and revive it with vitamins. Enter Collagene Expert Hydra Essence a potent youth-preserving formula which upon application releases a mystical burst of hydration (thanks to the potent blend of Natural Moisture Actives including a hefty dose of Hyaluronic Acid) that penetrates through every layer to enhance your glow at every level inside and out. And shielding your skin from the ravages that pollution and free radicals wreak on unwitting complexions the blend of Vitamin C and Niacinamide will keep your skin protected and perk up sluggish cells instantly bestowing a gorgeous glow.  This should be a permanent fixture in every discerning beauty buff’s kit.



      Bumpy skin and a lacklustre complexion are often a sign that dead skin cells are holding on for too long but with a twice weekly treatment of Radiance Enhancing Gommage it is literally ‘out with the old, in with the new’!  Dead skin cell build up can be caused by age or dehydration (or both) and can really make the complexion look quite ‘blah’! Radiance Enhancing Gommage is a pioneering formula starring a triple fruit acid complex which works in harmony to melt the glue that binds dulling dead skin cells to skin’s surface revealing the healthy new cells beneath.  What’s more it lowers skin’s pH to accelerate repair and renewal processes as the skin works hard to re-establish equilibrium.  Massaged in for a few minutes, it’s a must have for anyone concerned with premature ageing and a lacklustre complexion AND it delivers ‘fresh from the beauty clinic’ results from the comfort of your own home.


      Faux the Glow

      Feeling good in your own skin plays such an important role in fostering love and self-confidence and sometimes having a sun-kissed glow is the cherry on the cake. And actually, what most of us are really just looking for is an understated, buildable yet flawless tan that simply takes the edge off those lily-white legs and ash-like complexion rather than a heavily pigmented tan which not only can add years to your age but makes you feel like you have been well and truly ‘tangoed!’

      Dousing you with a healthy glow come rain or shine, Golden Glow Gradual Tan is a revolutionary face and body lotion that delivers a natural, buildable bronzed colour at any time of the year making it the perfect antidote to pallid sun-starved complexions. A lightweight yet deeply hydrating gel-cream which has been formulated to respect Gatineau’s ethos of sophisticated salon-grade skincare and ageless beauty, this colourless and odourless formula allows you to take full control of your colour for a perfectly natural finish. Think streak-free and stress-free – think fresh-faced beauty.



      With the UK weather as unpredictable as ever, ensuring you prolong your summer glow this year from your holiday here in the UK or abroad is crucial, and Tan Accelerating Lotion promises to help you achieve a gorgeous sun-kissed tan without spending hours in the sun as well as extend it post-holiday. An award-winning formula, it works by using a Melanin Activating Peptide (MAP) to speed up your skin’s melanin production (which is the pigment that makes your skin appear darker) to help deepen your tan AND give it longevity whilst preserving skin’s beauty. The pleasure of optimal tanning in much less time, this dynamic face and body lotion has been further enhanced with skin-nourishing and soothing actives to heal skin post-exposure and keep your limbs looking glowy and supple with a satin-soft feel. The 5 star reviews speak for themselves!


      Aside from being a joy to use these undisputed skincare wonders from Gatineau will unleash your skin’s radiance and inner beauty so that the dream of waking up every morning looking and feeling on the ‘bright side’ can become a reality.  Get ready to turn heads!


      Lucy x

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