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      SOS.... Stick!

      What is a blemish?

      It doesn’t matter if you’ve been blessed with a clear complexion; chances are you’ve all encountered a blemish or blackhead at some stage of your life.  Considered a ‘skin crisis’,  these unwelcome eruptions generally have a habit of rearing their ugly ‘heads’ at the most inopportune time and are really hard to cover up let alone diminish!  A blemish is simply a pore that has been clogged with dead skin or sebum and this triggers ‘inflammation’ whereas a blackhead forms when a hair follicle or pore gets just partially clogged allowing some of the trapped sebum to drain to the surface where it reacts with oxygen in the air causing it to turn black. 

      So what actually does cause blemish-prone skin?
      There are actually a number of possible triggers of blemishes and blackheads, none of them welcome I can assure you, yet some are completely out of our control:

      Hormones: Whether we are talking puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, hormones all wreak havoc in the skin.  But it is in fact an increase in the androgen hormones (the male hormones grrr!) that stimulate the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands) to produce an excessive amount of sebum which clogs pores and causes eruptions on the skin surface.

      Genetics: As per your skin type and genetic inheritance you might naturally have an oily skin so you can thank your elders for that!

      Stress:  Stressful lifestyles (who doesn’t have these days?) cause our skin cells to pump out an  excessive amount of cortisol which has an impact on increasing sebaceous gland activity and excessive sebum secretions. It is easy to ‘spot’ the problem if you suffer with stress.

      Environment: Air pollution (from smog to smoke) can infiltrate the pores, have a good old party and leave a trail of destruction behind!

      Cleansing regime:  A poor cleaning regime, sleeping in make-up and the use of harsh based detergents can all disrupt the skin’s microbiome (the army of good bacteria that protects us) and allows bad bacteria to proliferate on the skin surface. #Operationskincleanup!

      How can I battle breakouts?

      1) Keep it clean – Wash you face, neck and décolleté twice a day with a gentle non-stripping (steer clear of alcohol based) cleanser and toner.

      2) Exfoliate – Gentle exfoliation with non-granular scrubs gets rid of the dead skin cells that clog pores

      3) Protect with antioxidants – Use an anti-oxidant based moisturiser to ward off free radicals and toxins

      4) Target the problem – Dab on some spot treatment to the blemish and surrounding area twice a day

      What is SOS Stick?

      A fast acting treatment with many talents, this blemish-busting rescue remedy is the ultimate on-the-spot option for all types of pimples from blackheads to whiteheads to stubborn under the skin eruptions. It really does show a zit to the ex-zit! 


      What’s inside this miracle cure?
      Centred on Gatineau’s cutting-edge philosophy of results-driven skincare this rapid-relief spot treatment promises to battle any skin eruption large or small!  Promising to exterminate pustules, eliminate blackheads, extinguish inflammation and expunge blocked pores, SOS Stick will obliterate any skin flare-up or outbreak! Formulated with a hard-hitting Sebo-regulating Complex which is a unique combination of lentil seed extract together with salicylic acid which works in tandem to penetrate into the pores sweeping away pore clogging debris, dissolving dirt and excess oil battling bacteria. Lentil Seed Extract is rich in Oligosaccharides which helps to reduce the appearance of dilated pores for a more refined complexion too.  With added Allantoin, known for its soothing benefits, you could say it is like a fire extinguisher putting out a fire, as any skin redness or inflammation is dramatically reduced leaving skin calm and clarified,

      What makes it unique?
      Aside from the incredible results in just 24 hours, what I love is the self-sterilising roller-ball applicator which delivers a clear and colourless formula with absolute precision. And in case you missed the self-sterilising bit, you could literally pass this to your envious friends to use to kick their spots into place without having to sterilise first. Clear, quick drying without any peeling, flaking or clogging, you can use SOS Stick under or over make-up touching up throughout the day! Let it do the work on your blemishes whilst you work!


      Lucy x

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