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      Self-care in self isolation!

      You may think that skincare is only skin deep but there is a shift beyond products that are designed to purely hydrate and smooth. Luxury skincare, which focuses both on the health of the skin and the well-being of the mind will become your best friend through these uncertain times. 

      Your skin is the largest and most exposed organ of the body and how we feel mentally, emotionally and physically is a direct reflection of how the skin behaves, looks and reacts. Whether you are stuck indoors, struggling to sleep or you generally feel anxious, it is worth investing in some self-care to boost positivity and enjoy inner peace. Regular hydration, fresh nutrient rich-food, gentle exercise, and some mindful meditation are all ways in which we can give ourselves some time and attention and stay on top of our general health. And taking care of our skin is something I believe should feature high up on that list!

      1) Cleansing, toning and moisturising is something we do every day, try and take it from a monotonous task to something you look forward to, especially if you look in the mirror and your skin looks in poor health.  Incorporate this important skincare step into a mindful skincare routine which involves a really in-depth ‘double’ cleanse incorporating two diverse textured cleansers which means you are not only going to lift away surface impurities and excess make-up but you are giving that all important in-depth cleanse dissolving pollution and grime that cling to the inside of pores. Use a jade roller to help penetrate your moisturiser into the skin as the gentle pressure not only encourages lymphatic drainage to boost the skin’s natural detoxification process but it rolls away stress and worry lines and brings a fresh positive glow to the skin complexion.

       2) Inhaling the aromas of your luxury skincare is a really positive way to elevate your mood. Exfoliating and nourishing your skin with Gatineau’s lavish Radiance Enhancing Gommage allows you to peel away layers upon layers of dead skin cells for a smooth and radiant complexion (and you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders) whilst inhaling the zingy, citrus scent of Vitamin C leaves you feeling uplifted and energized. 

      3) Deep breaths are a great way to stay mindful. Take some time for yourself and immerse yourself in a long hot bath filled with decadent foaming bubbles created by our Therapie Corps Energisante Shower Gelee. The calming and rebalancing aromas of bergamot, geranium and lavender shrug off daily fatigue whilst the conditioning extract of Aloe Vera and Coconut leave skin silky soft. Combine this self-indulgent ritual with a luxurious face mask such as our Melatogenine Anti-wrinkle Radiance Mask, loaded with beneficial ingredients, and it is like the icing on the cake. As the steam from the bath water opens up the pores, thirsty skin cells are flooded with moisture and skin plumping goodness and you are left with baby-soft skin that exudes radiance.

      Simply owning luxury skincare products is only the first step. What you do with them is what counts so take time to massage your indulgent skincare into the face and body. Massaging not only helps penetrate the high-grade formulas deep into the skin but it has the ability to boost elimination of accumulated toxins, relax areas of facial tension and improve texture, tone and clarity.
      Fall in love with taking care of yourself!
      Lucy x

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