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      Pampering Post Party Season

      At this time of the year, all of us are in need of a little skin pick-me-up. During the Christmas period we tend to neglect our skin in favour of festive activities and as temperatures drop and the heating goes on, our skin gets thirsty and yearns for a little extra boost.

      We all see signs of this neglect – the skin feels dehydrated and appears dull looking, a tell-tale sign that we have been skipping our weekly masks and exfoliations.  Lines and wrinkles start to look more visible and as our tans fade the skin shows signs of sun damage and pigmentation marks.

      It is not all doom and gloom however! The award-winning laboratories at Gatineau formulate skin care products to repair and protect the skin to restore a glowing, youthful complexion. 
      Here are our top products to treat your skin post-party season……………..

      Anti-Aging Gommage
      Dead and dulling skin cells can build up underneath make-up and can age the skin. This unique exfoliator uses enzymes rather than particles to effectively remove these old cells and renew the complexion.  We've added soothing essential oils and cooling menthol to make this a true aromatherapy experience that you can enjoy at home!

      How to use it
      For a real salon- quality treatment, squeeze a 5p sized amount of product into your hands and pat onto the face and neck.  Work the gommage into your skin with long, upward sweeping motions. After a couple of minutes you will see that the product will “fluff” and start to come away from the skin - do not rinse but wet your hands and massage the skin for a further minute. Now, re-apply the same amount of gommage and work into the skin for a second time. Remove with warm water or your usual toner. 

      Melatogenine Futur Plus Radiance Mask
      The party season leaves the skin feeling thirsty and desperately in need of moisture. Melatogenine Futur Plus Radiance Mask provides an intensive 2-in-1 face and eye contour treatment that is equivalent to a week’s worth of other treatment creams. Marine Collagen plumps out lines and wrinkles and dramatically increases radiance and luminosity whilst also providing comfort and protection.
      How to use
      Gentle enough to suit even the delicate skin around the eyes, the mask can be used in two different ways: as an express treatment before special occasions (by applying a generous layer and leaving for 10 minutes before rinsing off); or as a regenerative treatment that is applied in a thin, even layer and left on overnight. For best results, it should be used two or three times a week.
      Renew 7 Detox Serum
      Late nights and irregular lifestyle habits can lead to a build up of toxins in skin cells which leaves the complexion dull and lacklustre. This Renew 7 Serum has been formulated to detoxify the skin and provide a renewed and radiant look.The concentration of ingredients in this product is high, providing targeted action with results seen in 7 days.

      How to use it
      In the morning and evening, apply 3-4 pumps of Renew 7 Detox Serum to the face and neck, then apply your usual moisturiser over the top. Ensure you finish the bottle in 7 days.

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