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      Targeting Menopausal Skin with Age Benefit Skincare

      Menopause and your skin is a huge topic! Largely misunderstood, feared, and under-treated it is a significant milestone and a journey paved with big changes in your complexion.

      Menopause is no stranger to euphemism and often goes by the name of alternative words like ‘the change’ or ‘second spring’ and although much of the conversation tends to centre around anxiety, hot flushes, and brain fog – all due to the dwindling levels of the female hormone oestrogen – what does it do to your complexion?  Turns out a lot!

      Oestrogen plays a role in collagen production, skin elasticity and thickness AND moisture levels as well as healthy blood vessels and skin tone and when you produce less oestrogen you may see the opposite: lines and wrinkles, sagging, dryness, dullness, pigmentation, and sensitivity. Yikes!

      The menopause typically occurs in women around their late 40’s to early 50’s yet I often see signs of the menopause in the skin much earlier and this can come as an unwelcome surprise to many women, who are suddenly dealing with signs of ageing and unpleasant changes to their skin unexpectedly – it can feel like you’re part teenager with skin breakouts popping up out of nowhere to part Old Age Pensioner with a colossal number of wrinkles and extreme dryness!

      As experts in targeted skincare, Gatineau has distilled its expertise into a comprehensive range of potent formulas to meet the unique needs of menopausal skin from dark spots to skin elasticity no beauty woe has escaped their attention.

      Stepping into the Age Benefit world you can turn your daily cleanse into something magical with Age Benefit Melting Cleansing Elixir, a sensorial cleanser infused with a slew of age-defying actives. The perfect first step in your ritual this is the ultimate skincare hero for dry and wrinkled complexions and not only melts away stubborn make-up, sunscreen and pore-clogging debris, its velvety texture cocoons skin in an intelligent mix of omegas and antioxidants restoring the skin barrier and creating a flawless canvas for your subsequent skincare.  This is a daily luxury that after trying once you won’t be able to live without.

      Hormonal stresses can take their toll and if your skin is not looking its supple, luminous self, allow Age Benefit Regenerating Cream to change that. Developed after 8 years of scientific research this high performance age-defence moisturiser is geared for skin that needs a re-boost. The Rolls-Royce of skin moisturisers it is powered by Hibiscus and Artichoke technology and packs a heavyweight punch when it comes to addressing the common concerns from firmness to furrows and texture to tone.  Coaxing collagen into gear this breakthrough formula has a rapid impact, smoothing and softening wrinkles and boosting resilience for a stronger complexion. This to me is the definition of extravagance.

      Hot flushes and pigmentation flaws are common symptoms of hormonal changes so if your complexion is in dire need of some TLC and a hard reset then Age Benefit Youth Revitalising Oil Serum needs a place in your daily regime.  Harnessing the benefits of Vitamin C and Niacinamide this power couple works to improve the look of dark spots, minimise the appearance of enlarged pores and brighten skin tone all while locking in moisture and enhancing radiance. Laced with skin soothing Centella Asiatica and a medley of nourishing oils it delivers copious amounts of hydration and long-lasting comfort whilst neutralising awkward flare ups.

      A solid night’s sleep can be the foundation for a great day - it can improve our mood, attention, memory, productivity and also offers a multitude of long-term physical health benefits including having a restorative effect on our skin.  The declining production of the hormone oestrogen wages its own private war on sleeping patterns and interrupted sleep causes the essential processes to slow down depleting us of skins essential scaffolding (the collagen and elastin that keeps skin smooth and supple) and exhausting skin of even a hint of sparkle. Enter Age Benefit Night Renewal Elixir, a potent age-defying restorative formula and your skin’s perfect Allie to help reverse the stressful onslaught caused by modern lifestyles. It’s been supercharged with a carefully curated cocktail of ‘cell-communicating’ actives including Artichoke, Hibiscus and innovative marine based Cellynkage™ to help spark the production of collagen and elastin fuelling a firmer, plumper visage. And if you are feeling and looking zapped the addition of Japanese Sophora flower delivers unparalleled radiance as it protects against environmental aggressors whilst the injection of Encapsulated Calcium and Hyaluronic Acid gets to work on strengthening, fortifying, and hydrating so that you wake up with a more radiant, youthful, and dewy appearance than you went to sleep with.

      The ‘cashmere’ of your complexion, the delicate eye area needs specialist treatment to soften lines and neutralise tell-tale signs of fatigue.  Tackling puffiness, fine lines and droopiness Age Benefit Advanced Eye Serum is an incredibly potent time-defying eye treatment that helps to reverse all visible signs of ageing with a souped up cocktail of avant-garde actives including Hexapeptides (dubbed in the industry as ‘botox in a jar’) because of their ability to seek out expression lines and work to decrease dynamic wrinkles naturally. While the eyes might be windows to the soul, they also take on the load of daily stresses and are the first place to show signs of fatigue. Packing in Hyaluronic Acid Filler Spheres, this weightless eye recovery floods the delicate eye area with waves of moisture disguising tired eyes whilst the cooling stainless steel top applicator supports the formula in easing puffiness. Your routine just got a whole lot brighter.

      Menopause isn’t the end of your youth it’s simply a transition into a new way of taking care of yourself and your skin so, whatever your menopausal journey looks like – and however you feel about it – Age benefit skin products will support your goal to look and feel your absolute best.

      Lucy x

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