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      Oscar Worthy Skincare

      The red carpet Oscar event is where Hollywood’s finest shine the brightest, yet despite aiming to make it look effortless, these A-list celebrities have to plug away for weeks perfecting their skin in time for these prestigious awards.

      But you don’t have to be walking the red carpet to want to look and feel your best; whether it’s a black tie event or girlie lunch we all have moments when we want our skin to shine. Gatineau, an iconic beauty brand steeped in luxury has an exciting, rich history and is a story of passion, of women uniting, of science getting the best from nature, and above all, one of preserving our luminous beauty because we all deserve the absolute best.

      The secret to an Oscar-worthy ‘lit from within’ look is easier than you think, and Gatineau presents a strong line up of ‘gold standard’ iconic skincare sought the world over by beauty aficionados. They are considered pre-red carpet heroes, and they promise to make your skin just as beautiful as the products look on your bathroom shelf.   

      Take Age Benefit, the brands pinnacle range.  Inspired by hormonal changes in mature women this line is renowned for its science-backed formulations and focuses on using cellular regeneration technology to promote firmness, elasticity, skin volume and luminosity.

      Age Benefit Melting Cleansing Elixir is a cult favourite and a staple in the brand as it transcends the passive act of a cleansing routine into a luxurious ritual. A decadently soft balm crafted with a luxurious blend of nourishing plant oils, and wrinkle-smoothing peptides, the formula sinks into skin effortlessly working to purify while delivering intense moisture for ultimate healthy dewiness. One of the primary benefits of cleansing is that it creates the perfect canvas for subsequent products and make-up application.  With dirt, debris, old make-up, and SPF out of the way skincare and make-up glides on effortlessly providing a flawless finish making it an excellent choice for all your red carpet skincare dreams to come true.

      While cleansing creates a smooth canvas, you can take it a BIG step further with another secret weapon which will grant a luminous glow to your skin when that feels like an impossible task. If you’ve ever wondered how A-listers skin always have that ethereal luminosity despite constantly having makeup applied, you’ve just stumbled across the secret. Age Benefit Revitalising Oil Serum is a breakthrough bi-phase formula packed with age-defying Persian Silk Tree extract, a radiance boosting Vitamin medley and balancing Centella Asiatica and promises to nourish, hydrate, smooth and soothe imparting an enviable glow in mere moments that will turn heads.   

      Wearing revealing cocktail attire means an abundance of decolletage on display so how do you reveal so much skin without revealing your age?  We spend a lot of time focusing on our face but often neglect the delicate skin of the neck and decollete.  This skin in this area is thinner and more fragile than the face and gets a lot of sun exposure – a recipe for accelerated ageing. Nothing is more elegant than the smooth and graceful curve of the neck - unless of course - it’s peppered with lines, creases, and signs of sagging!  Defi Lift Firming Neck and Décolleté Gel will take good care of this part of the body and enhance its natural beauty. Richly hydrating and collagen boosting, this dynamic gel helps to lift, sculpt, and firm and the star of this serum is undoubtedly ‘Filmexel Technology’ which acts like a kind of invisible mesh tightening skin with immediate impact.  You’ll never ‘neck-glect’ this area again!

      A glowing tan is the perfect accompaniment to your party look but there is nothing worse than a streaky, orange disaster. For those seeking everyday glamour or when you need a quick fix for a big event to hide flaws and skin imperfections or to give your complexion a bit of ‘wow factor’ Golden Glow Gradual Tan is the ideal companion.

      A revolutionary face and body lotion it offers a brilliantly believable and beautifully buildable bronzed glow at any time of the year and is the perfect antidote to pallid complexions. A weightless lotion, it glides on wherever desired, smoothing, conditioning, and hydrating while building up a natural looking sun-kissed radiance – basically you can achieve all the glow with none of the streaks, smell, or stress. You will look amazing!

      Another great skin-finisher and guaranteed pout perfection is Defi Lift’s Volumising Peptide Lip Treatment which simultaneously comforts and cares for delicate lips as well as enhancing your natural lip colour.  A luscious volumizing treatment that glides effortlessly to achieve a high-shine effect that doesn’t feel sticky in the slightest, it is powered by really good-to-skin ingredients, including hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, line plumping Swertia Leaf Extract and cooling Menthol. This zingy formula allows your lips to look amazing with fabulous photofinishing results you can see straight away.

      And who doesn’t love a good concealer? It’s a powerful tool that can erase even the darkest of under eye circles and hide unwanted imperfections in a matter of seconds.  Miracle Eye Contour is the perfect way to prime skin especially if it looks flat and tired and you want to blur away fine lines, pores, and wrinkles. A one-shade fits all that adjusts to your natural skin tone, the formula is infused with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Niacinamide and dramatically corrects, conceals, and brightens challenging areas on the face while providing long lasting hydration. Fresh and lightweight in texture it’s so easy to blend on any area of the face and gets you the star-level glow before you slip into some slinky heels for your special event.

      The best red carpet looks all start with great skin and award ceremony or not ‘those in the glow’ will know to enlist in some of Gatineau’s gems to ensure they are skin radiant and confidence high!


      Lucy x


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