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      Lucy's Top Pick - White Jade Facial Roller

      Have you ever experienced an amazing spa treatment and wished you could buy the tools or the machine that was used so you could replicate it at home?  Last year, I noticed that skincare and the use of high-tech tools collided more than ever and just like when you hit the gym to beat stress and tone-up your muscles it seems that you can do the same to your face now by using beauty gadgets that all seem to vibrate, buzz and oscillate!
      It’s like we are entering a brave new world of high-tech devices (which usually come with a hefty price tag) - from facial cleansing brushes, to spot zapping machines, to mini facial toning devices and invasive micro-needling - and they all promise to lift and tone, tackle worry lines and blast spots into oblivion! Quite frankly it seems to be completely changing the way we use skincare.

      Coming from an ‘age old’ beauty background when high-tech beauty tools could only be used by fully qualified beauty therapists in a professional salon environment (and after intensive training I might add) I have to admit I am a little dubious about some of these high-powered gadgets being used at home and wonder if they might be doing more harm than good? 
      But there is one beauty tool which has got me hooked and although it might not exactly be a whizzy machine, Gatineau’s ‘White Jade Roller’ is definitely something that everybody could benefit from using as part of their skincare routine. Jade Rollers have had quite a year in the spotlight but they aren’t exactly new.  These clever facial massagers have been a staple in Chinese skincare routines since the 7th century and were used by Chinese Empresses to essentially eliminate puffiness and improve skin tone. Jade Rollers are pretty ‘cool’ in more ways than one as the beautiful White Jade Stone is not only associated with protecting against negative energy, balancing your chi and reducing anxiety and fatigue but the ‘cold effect’ of the stone (especially if you pop it in the fridge for an hour or so) immediately calms and soothes inflamed and stressed skin.   

      And let’s face it these days life can be pretty hectic and stressful at times.  Our facial muscles store a lot of tension which can cause deepened wrinkles and permanent worry lines and when our body comes under stress, our skin cells produce an increase in the hormone cortisol. ‘Cortisol’ otherwise known as the ‘stress hormone’ can really mess with the skin as elevated levels of this hormone can create inflammation, and also damage the skin’s supportive network of collagen and elastin. And that’s not all - Cortisol also slows down skin cell renewal, meaning the cells take longer to reach the surface and of course when they finally reach the top their condition leaves a lot to be desired revealing a dull and lifeless complexion.  
      So daily massaging with the Jade Facial Roller surely has to be the skin perfect addition to your skincare ritual. 
       It helps to relieve tension and relax facial wrinkles, it firms and tones and then the  smooth rolling action helps stimulate lymphatic drainage boosting the elimination of toxins and helping to de-puff (which is a critical feature when you hit your 40’s). And when that early morning wake-up call has you feeling less bright and bushy-tailed, gentle pressure and motion of the cooling jade roller can really restore radiance and give you that enviable post-facial glow all day long.
      And whilst I am still an absolute advocate of using effective skincare products, I do firmly believe that by using Gatineau’s White Jade roller along with your daily skincare serums you can really maximise their absorption so they can in turn, do their jobs better and reap impressive results!

      How to use:
      Let the roller do the work, no need to add pressure.  Use morning or evening after applying your skincare products. 
      1. Gently sweep in even strokes out from the nose and across cheeks.
      2. Roll across the forehead and outwards towards towards temples.
      3. Very gently roll in small v movements around crow’s feet.
      4. Sweep along the jawline from chin to ear.
      5.  Roll down the neck from the ear to the collarbone and across the décolleté, from the middle to shoulder to
           Aid lymphatic drainage.
      6.  Roll up the neck to jawline to improve tone.
      Repeat each action 3 times.
      Top tip - Blocked sinus’s can be eased by gently rolling from the nose outwards across the cheeks and above the eyebrows.  Keep your Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller in the fridge for an extra cooling touch.

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