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      Light Summer Makeup

      When it comes to how our skin looks and feels both nature and nurture come into play especially during the summer months when our skin has many different challenges to contend with.  The temperature is warming up which can drive redness and irritation, there is an increase in humidity and with impending summer holidays, things like flying and air conditioning can impair the skin’s lipidic barrier leading to dryness and dehydration, and then of course there’s UV rays which can rob our skin of collagen and clarity causing exacerbated wrinkles and pigmentation flaws.

      Nothing signifies good health quite like a radiant, lit-from-within complexion and using skin perfecting products is a bit like waving a magic wand over your skin. Reliable and trustworthy, these multi-tasking skincare products deliver sheer instant results whilst prepping and protecting the skin so that you always look camera-ready.

      Shadowy under-eyes are infamous tattletales letting the whole world know when you’ve perhaps been burning the candle at both ends or have had a poor night’s sleep and these dark circles are notorious for their stubborn refusal to be camouflaged by make-up and skincare. Step aside cakey concealers because I want to introduce you to Miracle Eye Contour, a transformative white-to-pigment concealer and a true hybrid product combining skincare and make-up. Its formula is designed for the delicate skin around the eyes and instantly softens the appearance of dark circles and fine lines thanks to its adjustable colour transformation. But actually, this versatile ‘do it all’ corrector is not just for the eyes because you can simply use it anywhere where you wish to instantly camouflage, blur, highlight, illuminate or simply even out your skin tone. The best part? It can be used by people of all skin tones because the white shade delivers perfect shade transformation upon blending into the skin, instantly concealing ANY imperfections and reflecting light beautifully off them for a subtle and luminous finish.  Infused with skin-loving Green Tea, Niacinamide and Grapeseed Oil, Miracle Eye Contour provides that radiant dewy base rather than matte coverage and makes skin look instantly more awake – this really is going to be the magic wand of your make-up bag giving you the power to instantly blur any manner of complexion bugbears!


      Summer is a season of excitement, adventure and sunshine and these must-have beauty essentials are skincare secrets that will make your eyes sparkle and your complexion glow from sunrise to sunset.


      Lucy x


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