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      Inside Perfection Ultime™

      Do you ever question why your skin does not appear as clean and flawless when you look in the mirror? Historically uneven skin tone wasn’t really discussed in the skincare industry - skin types were purely classified into dry or dehydrated, sensitive, combination to oily skin and then of course ageing! But with the dawn of technology, instagram and the like, the desire for flawless "filtered" complexions, has increased dramatically.

      While I would never recommend comparing to the models and celebrities we see in magazines (which are all photoshopped I promise!), the beauty industry did start paying attention, developing formulations to specifically address this area, perfecting and smoothing uneven skin tone and texture for that naturally flawless finish.
      So how do we define uneven skin tone? Ordinarily speaking, it is described as a region or area of skin whose colour is lighter or darker than the majority of the area surrounding it. Dark areas, or lightened areas are likely examples of this condition along with redness (broken capillaries), enlarged open pores and a dull, lack-lustre complexion.  And I believe there is a lot to be said for embracing a few lines and wrinkles but over a beautifully radiant, healthy and smooth base!
      So let me strip it back to what actually causes these concerns. It all boils down to the air that surrounds us - Gatineau Scientists were some of the first to discover that air pollution is the second most harmful aggressor to the skin with sun exposure being the first! And this toxic air isn’t just found in and around big cities and industrial areas as was first thought – rural and urban areas can be just as affected, meaning our skin is exposed on a daily basis whether you are indoors or outdoors with potentially dangerous consequences. As ever Gatineau approached ‘uneven skin tone’ differently and targeted the issues both at the skin’s surface, like many other brands, but also from the source!!

      Enter Perfection Ultime Retexturizing Beauty Cream which is essentially an anti-ageing light-weight moisturiser designed for all skin types to protect the skin from aggressors, repair the damage internally to restore a youthful complexion and even out the skin tone to promote a smooth, radiant, pore minimising and dewy canvas.

      What I really love is that it is designed for all skin types from the age of 30 and beyond, and this silky smooth ground-breaking formula is rich in Caviar Extract which provides all of the necessary proteins (amino acids), nutrients, vitamins and age-fighting natural actives to intensively rejuvenate and reactivate the skin’s natural luminosity.   I liken Caviar to my skin’s daily protein diet as our skin is essentially made up of protein.  Gatineau Laboratories have carefully balanced this formula with Tripeptide 1 (an exclusive combination of amino-acids which are the body’s building blocks to help form protein in the skin) and this two-fold combination helps to provide the skin with better quality collagen at an invigorated speed allowing for a more supple and youthful looking skin on a daily basis. 
      Just as importantly a unique infusion of Geranium Oil offers the skin powerful anti-oxidant protection which is like putting an invisible shield between you and the air and steers off free-radicals from attacking healthy skin cells and degenerating them.   Add in a few healthy scoops of Hyaluronic acid and Cotton Extracts and there you have a high impact, results-driven cure to achieve that airbrushed glass like complexion!

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