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      Inside DefiLift™ 3D

      The first thing to understand is... 
      …… What is happening to your skin”?
      The most common complaints from people in their 40s is slackening of the skin. Loss of definition, especially around the eyes and the jawline. The once tight, toned and firm complexion is beginning to look slightly “looser”, with less distinctive features, deeper lines and a lack of luminosity. So why, all of a sudden does the ageing process accelerate at this age?

      Well, there’s lots of stuff happening that maybe most of us don’t know about! At this age, our lymphatic system starts to slow right down. Lymphatic drainage - the way your body gets rid of toxins - decreases in speed resulting in the breakdown of Elastin Fibers, our support structures that keep skin firm. Elastin works like our “internal scaffolding” if you like. When we are younger, it allows our body the ability to maintain skin flexibility; but after approximately age 40, skin elasticity declines, increasing structural damage and leading to slackening skin.

      The other major factor for us ladies, is the huge shift in hormones. Your mid-forties is a time when hormones such as oestrogen are switching off. Oestrogen is responsible for keeping the skin tight, pert and bouncy and when it decreases, it can make our skin more fragile, start to sag and wrinkle around the neck and chest. 

      Fibers that support your lymph glands also break down, this can result in puffiness especially around your eyes and cheeks. And of course, there’s so many other factors that show tell-tale signs… Sun exposure, which is the cause of many skin issues, breaks down collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. Smoking, degrades collagen and dehydrates the watery gel inside your skin responsible for keeping your skin plump and bouncy, so the deeper layers of your skin become thirsty. Signs of tiredness and life's excesses can also be reflected in your face. Too much alcohol over the years can open up your blood vessels, giving your skin a reddy appearance. The list goes on and on….

      Gatineau, the leaders in breakthrough targeted corrective skincare have studied women’s skin for 85 years. DefiLift 3D™, is a range born of those years of scientific research and delivers a collection of products targeted at the visual signs of skin slackening to lift, tighten and redefine the complexion. Cleverly using Plant Protein Technology – taken from wheat, soy and corn, these proteins squeeze together the cellular mesh of the skin for an immediate tightening effect. Think of it like a pair of Spanx for the face, sucked in and lifted up!!!
      To give you an interesting fact….Next to water, protein is the most plentiful substance in your body. In fact, if all the water was squeezed out of you, half of your dry weight would be protein, hence it’s such an important factor!
      Proteins are necessary for tissue repair and for the construction of fresh skin. Every cell needs protein to maintain its life and it is also the primary substance used to "replace" worn-out or dead cells. Your muscles, hair, nails, skin, and eyes are all made of protein hence when the levels starts to diminish, our skin really visibly suffers. DefiLift diffuses a complex of plant proteins into the deep skin layers to help lift, tighten, smooth and define the shape of the face.

      As well as all the firming agents DefiLift is also super charged with skin-quenching and moisturizing ingredients:

      -Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid, think thousands of tiny water ballons bursting all over the surface of the skin delivering water direct to the epidermis, an immediate plumping ,hydration boost for the complexion.

      -Vitamins E to effectively work on diminishing dark spots

      -Vitamin F to activate cell renewal.  

      -Mango butter, shea butter, Sweet almond oil , sesame oil) – nourishes and protects

      Mango butter is rich antioxidants, vitamins A and E.. And importantly contains omega 9. An essential fatty acid which is a super skin conditioning and anti-inflammatory ingredient.
      The most important gift you can give your older self is to look after your skin, especially in your 40s. It’s such a delicate time for the skin and without the correct products the ageing process will accelerate massively. Nature is no longer invested in making your skin glow, your eyes lifted, your face perky (or your boobs for that matter) so we need our skin care to work that little bit harder for us. DefiLIFT will do exactly that, the “Wonderbra” of skincare!!

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