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      Happy New Year!

      The capsule wardrobe for winter skin must-haves

      This past year has been unprecedently hard on us all, with our lives turned upside down in countless ways and whilst some changes have been upliftingly positive there have been some really low points for many.

      Don’t get me wrong, amidst all the doom and gloom there have certainly been some aspects of lockdown that I have found to be quite refreshing – over-dosing on family time, bread-making (although I had to put a stop to that for the sake of my waistline) and box-set binging. Then there are those daily walks we have been encouraged to do that has literally seen me stroll through all four seasons (you really start to appreciate your surroundings) which certainly uplifted my spirits; and I have developed an unperturbed approach to what once was always a very hectic schedule.

      In theory, and with our lives on hold, I would have thought my skin would be in tip top condition during this period of lockdown, what with my make-up routine being paired back to a ‘non-existent’ level, the absence of any kind of prolonged sun exposure and because the air is a lot cleaner than it was twelve months ago. But as I have stared down the barrel at myself on zoom video calls for the past nine months the reality is quite the opposite and my skin has definitely lost that ‘sparkly glow’!

      With face coverings and hand sanitizer becoming an essential part of our ‘new normal’ toolkit, cue a host of skin issues to battle with, not least the most newly christened ‘maskne’ (which refers to acne breakouts, skin irritation and blocked pores linked to wearing face coverings) together with dry and irritated hands.  Add into the mix rocketing stress levels which inevitably lead to complexion flare-ups and it is understandable why so many of us are struggling to get a handle on our skin.

      If this year has proved anything it is that there's beauty in simplicity and with winter looming there has never been a more perfect time to indulge in some at home pampering with my ‘hand-picked’ capsule wardrobe of winter skin must-haves.

      Let me start with the basics of prepping the ‘canvas’ of the skin which I cannot emphasize enough the importance of. You might not be wearing make-up or leaving the house at the moment, but cleansing is a crucial and non-negotiable step in any skincare routine.There are multiple benefits for daily cleansing (and if you can manage to cleanse twice it is even better) as it removes grime and pollution, helps banish surface build-up and stimulates cell turnover.  Cleansing also encourages you to unconsciously massage your skin which is good for lymph drainage and boosting oxygen and nutrients to skin cells.  

      This year saw the launch of Gatineau’s Therapie Purete Mineraux Marins Foaming Cleanser which makes light work of taking the day off! When mixed with water it grants your skin a luxuriously refreshing lathery foam together with a formula that promises to deliver results. With the unparalleled power of a unique mineralised seawater sourced from the Island of Noirmoutier, it harnesses the power of essential minerals including high levels of manganese (important to encourage collagen production), Iron (essential for that luminous glow) and Zinc (a powerful anti-inflammatory) This ultra-gentle cleanser is not only an absolute delight to use it is perfect to rid the complexion of every last trace of grime without aggravating skin’s delicate sensibilities.

      Supercharged with highly concentrated and potent ingredients, serums are for me the show ponies of your skincare regime and the cashmere to your capsule wardrobe as they create an all-important soft and luxurious extra layer between your skin and the elements. Collagene Expert Ultimate Smoothing Serum definitely falls into my hall of fame for its wrinkle busting and skin plumping abilities. Our skin is made up of two types of collagen – collagen 1 (otherwise known as adult collagen) and collagen 3 (otherwise known as baby collagen for its ability to offer a plump, soft and bouncy skin).   Powered by a fast-acting time released triple collagen complex this serum helps to trigger the skin with essential ‘baby soft collagen 3’ and essentially restores the skin’s stuffing to promote that bouncy complexion we yearn for. With a feather light texture yet delivers a heavy weight punch when it comes to texture, tone, furrows and firmness. 

      The importance of beauty sleep is no fairy tale and if you are pressed for time during the day then gifting your skin with an overnight facial treatment is a game changer as it catches cells at their most industrious (and all whilst you sleep)! Hydra Aura Eclat de Soie is a sophisticated creamy balm combining performance-proven cell energizing actives including Barbary Fig and Dead Sea Salt which accelerates cellular renewal, intensively hydrates and works hard to brighten a dull lacklustre complexion. I love the thought of waking up looking like I’ve had twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep!

      Exfoliation might not be your ‘daily’ wardrobe essential BUT it is one of those all-important steps if you are looking for that ‘ready, steady, glow’ complexion.  Radiance Enhancing Gommage is what I call a multi-tasking beauty hero which delivers on purpose and performance and has definitely earned its place on that beauty rail!  Powered by gentle fruit acids from Apple Extract and Vitamin C it is an ideal at home ‘salon grade treatment’ for anyone looking to address dullness, enlarged pores, congestion, dryness and wrinkles. What I particularly love is the luscious gel texture with a zingy citrus fragrance which melts onto the skin upon contact, gradually transforming into a fine oil once dead skin cells have been lifted off the skin. A true client favourite for leaving skin smooth and visibly radiant.

      With lips being the most delicate area of the body having only 5 layers to them compared to 16 on the rest of the face they definitely need their own ultra-nourishing protection this winter. Perfection Ultime Nourishing Lip Balm offers an intense nutritive formula boasting a potent blend of Beeswax, Candelilla Wax and Soy Oil – it even has an SPF15 for when we finally see the sun again! With a simple swipe lips are hugged with hydration, completely rehabilitated and deeply conditioned and if you apply it as an overnight treatment it helps ward off chapped, cracked and split lips.  Free from colour it leaves a soft-focus gleam and is the ultimate balm for pockets, bags and speedy touch-ups.

      And when life leaves you feeling washed out, stressed and anxious take a step back and cocoon yourself in an indulgent bubble bath laced with our sumptuous Energisante Shower Gel. Bursting with good-to-skin Aloe Vera and Coconut that leaves limbs soft, supple and cleansed, I adore the indulgent rich foam that it creates which immerses your body and transports you to bliss.  Laced with an aromatic blend of uplifting Geranium, reviving Bergamot and calming Lavender this delicately scented bath soak is sure to soothe away tension and improve energy levels. Did I also mention it also makes for a decadent hand wash eliminating impurities and bacteria without stripping or drying the skin?  

      So, come on let’s start 2021 on a skincare high and recharge your skincare routine - there might not be a reason to get glammed up but there is ample reason to reignite your love of self-care.


      Lucy x

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