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      Golden Glow Gradual Tan

      Fake tanning is the quickest and easiest way to get an all-over golden glow at any time of the year, without even a hint of sunshine and let’s face it nothing defines smooth and elongated limbs more than gorgeously bronzed skin. Plus, as the decades have passed, we have become much more educated on sun safety and the importance of protecting the skin with high SPF’s rather than slathering on an SPF 2 tanning oil!
      But fake tanning can be daunting and creates a multitude of conundrums for many of us from streaky lines and uneven coverage, to a more ‘Oompa Loompa’ orange glow rather than that much sought-after sun kissed goddess look, to the ‘post’ pungent odour that clings to skin together with the mess tanning lotions leave on previously pristine clothes and bedsheets!  


      And actually what most of us are really just looking for is an understated, buildable yet flawless golden glow that simply takes the edge off those lily-white legs and blue-toned skins rather than a heavily pigmented tan which not only adds years to your age but makes you feel like you have been well and truly ‘tangoed!’
      Well don’t panic as this year Gatineau has got ‘your back’ – and quite frankly your limbs and every other part of your body too with an ‘effortless approach’ to a dreamy gradual tan. 

      Gatineau’s Golden Glow Gradual Tan is a lightweight yet deeply hydrating gel-cream which has been formulated to respect Gatineau’s ethos of sophisticated salon-grade skincare and ageless beauty.  Much more forgiving than a fake tan it is suitable for all skin types and all skin tones and can be used on both the face and body offering a truly transformative yet tailored sun-kissed glow. And what I mean by ‘tailored’ is that by layering your application of Golden Glow Gradual Tan over consecutive days you can build your colour to create subtleness or more depth and intensity as you desire - who ever heard of being able to ‘fine tune’ your tan?

      Formulated with the skin boosting properties of Coconut Oil and Soy Oil, these incredibly nourishing and replenishing Antioxidant rich oils work hard to restore and condition the look and feel of the skin, making them a real skincare treat.  And what is interesting is that when you look at the nutritional content of both oils they are bursting with vitamins, essential fatty acids, trace elements and performance-enhancing amino acids which are all essential components to ensuring optimum skin health.  Think of amino-acids as the building blocks of the skin.  Amino acids are to your skin what ‘flour is to cake’ – an essential component!  And in this case amino acids are critical when it comes to producing all important collagen – the protein in the skin which keeps skin smooth, plump and bouncy. 

      The ‘techy side’ that creates the gradual tan is created by something called DHA (or Dihydroxyacetone as it is formally named).  DHA is a sugar obtained by biotechnology that reacts naturally with the amino acids in upper layers of the skin and ensures the most natural result for your skin tone. And with added Vitamin E, skin is protected against free radical damage and environmental aggressions too.

      Gatineau’s Golden Glow Gradual Tan has many superior benefits to your average instant self-tanner.  It has an advanced anti-ageing formula, will work in synergy with your existing skincare regime, creates a believable, even and natural colour, and because of the nourishing action of the Coconut and Soy oil it won’t cling to dry patches.  And then we come to the fragrance, which unlike the odours associated with some self-tanners, is incredibly understated.  The symphony of delicate fruity notes of Pear and Mandarin together with the floral tones of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Musk, leaves the skin wrapped in an exquisitely subtle fragrance.

      So, when you are ready to rock a natural tan just remember the secret to that glowing tan is all in the application.  

      Michaela's 4 day visual tanning diary:

      Application:  Apply one pump per limb using smooth circular motions and rub in thoroughly. Lightly cover dry areas such as hands and feet. Wash hands after use. Wait for skin to be touch dry before dressing. Colour develops over 3-4 hours. Use daily for 3 days to achieve your desired glow. Maintain your colour by applying every other day.
      For best results exfoliate regularly. If you have dry skin lightly moisturise hands, feet, elbows, knees and ankles before application. Results will vary depending on your natural skin tone – customise your colour by using daily, every other day or mixing with Tan Accelerating Lotion
      Michaela x

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