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      Getting To Know Michaela Taylor!

      Tell us about your career so far, and when you first started working for Gatineau?
      My very first job as a newly-qualified beauty therapist was in a Gatineau salon. I can’t quite believe this was 17 years ago! Since then, I have been lucky enough to travel to the Caribbean and Spain, working in luxury spas as a therapist and helping to train up the new members of staff. I found the training side of the job to be hugely enjoyable, so when I returned to the U.K I applied for a position at Gatineau as National Trainer. This would involve me travelling to all our top destination spas in the UK and Ireland, teaching spa therapists about the brand and educating them on how to get the best out of the products in their treatments.
      Approaching Gatineau seemed like the obvious choice for me as I knew how effective the products were having used them in the salon. Over the years I have worked with, and been a trainer for, many brands and Gatineau has always given the best skin care results in my opinion.  The great thing is, I hear the same from salon owners, beauty therapist and clients too.
      What’s your first memory of going on air at QVC for Gatineau with Andrew Bagley?
      I can think of quite a few that I can’t talk about here! Andrew has a great sense of humour and always has the presenter and I in stitches moments before we go on air. I have been working on QVC with Andrew for over ten years now -  there are countless ‘bloopers’ we have both made, but my personal favourites are the shows where Alison Young gets him on the couch and gives him a facial. And a telling off about something!
      What do you love about presenting on QVC?
      QVC was a totally new experience for me at first – I never knew just how many fabulous brands were being featured on the channel. Ten years on and I am, of course, a total QVC addict!
      I love watching the product demonstrations and find them invaluable as a viewer. In front of the camera, its great to be able to educate the customers and reach a wide audience, helping each of them to make the right choice of product for their individual skin. This is something that simply would not be possible without QVC.
      What does an average day look like for Gatineau's National Training Manager?
      With two children under four plus my work at Gatineau, my life is very busy and varied! I wouldn’t have it any other way. My job involves constant research of the skin care industry and developing my skin care knowledge – in this fast-moving industry I have found that you never stop learning! I look at the latest skin care trends and therapies, using the research to work on new treatments and product testing with Lucy Vose.
      I spend a lot of time at QVC where I carry out presenter training for Gatineau, take part in staff seminars and attend press launches for the brand.
      I have a small, select base of clients that I have been treating for over a decade; they are so important in terms of product feedback. I love keeping a hand in the therapy side of things, so I try to keep some time for them.
      With so much to do how do you make time to look after your skin for yourself?
      Life as a working mum with small children is a bit like spinning plates! In amongst all the chaos I try to take care of myself and my skin – I find that helps me feel more positive and able to deal with the seemingly endless list of jobs that need doing.
      I have very changeable skin that needs to kept in check, so I tend to treat it on a day-to-day basis depending on what it needs. Staple products in my bathroom include the Anti-Aging Exfoliator, Melatogenine Mask and my trusty SOS stick for any blemishes that seem to randomly pop up on my skin. Having children has made me more of a multi-tasker, so I tend to let an exfoliator work on my skin while I give the kids their bath, or put a mask on before bed and let it work its magic while I sleep!
      I keep cotton pads soaked in Micellar Water in a Tupperware pot in the fridge, so when I am pushed for time in the mornings (most mornings!), or come home late after a QVC show, I can take my make up off quickly and effectively.
       For an at-home 30-minute facial what Gatineau products would you use?
      I try to give myself a facial at least once per week. My typical ritual would be Gentle silk cleanser (double cleanse), followed by Gentle silk toner. You cannot beat the feeling of a professional cleanse and tone.
       Once my skin is perfectly clean I then apply the Anti-Aging Gommage or Radiance Enhancing Gommage if I am feeling lazy! Exfoliation is a key step to achieving smoother, brighter skin.
      Melatogenine Mask in a thin layer follows this. I like to leave it until it has completely soaked into my skin, so I don’t bother to rinse it off. I want to keep all that precious Melatogenine and marine Collagen on my skin for as long as possible!
      I then finish with Perfection Ultime Radiance Concentrate and if my skin needs it, a layer of Perfection Ultime Retexturizing Beauty Cream. I am a huge fan of the entire Perfection Ultime range as it ticks all the boxes for my skin needs – minimises pore appearance, perfects the skin texture, improves radiance, it’s exactly what I need!
      What are your plans for Christmas this year?
      I am really looking forward to Christmas this year because my little boy Milo has just turned three and is at the age where Christmas is a magical time for him. We’ll be visiting Santa, decorating the tree and going to the ice rink that pops up in our town centre for the festive season. Along with spending precious quality time with my husband and children, I will be trying out lots of new and exciting products for 2018, so watch this space!

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