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      Get Masking with Gatineau!

      When it comes to our skin-care routine, there's no step perhaps more extravagant than doing a face mask; but when the majority of your waking hours are spent working, commuting or running after children, that 15 minute act of self-care and some quiet solitude can be quite appealing!  Even more importantly have you ever noticed that sometimes (even though you follow an in-depth daily skincare regime) your skin just needs that extra boost?

      Masks have actually been used for thousands of years with Cleopatra’s use of masks as a famous example. She not only bathed in milk but also applied egg white masks to her face. And stories of facial masks made from a variety of natural ingredients—even including mud from the Dead Sea—are found in nearly every ancient culture. 

      I must say I am an absolute mask junkie! To me masks are my skincare saviours because they offer on-the-spot results and they can solve multiple issues!   Not a day goes by when I haven’t slathered some type of mask on my face, neck, eyes and anywhere else I think my skin needs it! Whether it’s first thing in the morning to flood my skin with moisture, or at the end of a long day to inject some radiance and luminosity into my skin or even before a night out to plump and smooth away my wrinkles, masking is definitely the foundation of my skincare routine.
      Gatineau’s team of industry experts have been ‘creating’ professional yet luxurious face masks for decades – and quite frankly they are all unsung heroes for being able to combat all manner of skin problems. What with their opulent textures, advanced technological formulas, and fast-acting results what is not to love about these superior face masks.  It really is all about bringing the professional ‘Gatineau Facial’ into the comfort of your own home. 

      Let’s take Aquamemory High-Hydration Cream Mask which is designed to instantly replenish moisture levels in dehydrated skin. Moisture is critical to prevent accelerated ageing and if your skin feels constantly tight and like it could easily crack on a daily basis, chances are your water levels are running low.   Packed with Osmaporine™ Technology and Hyaluronic Acid, Aquamemory High-Hydration Cream Mask literally floods the complexion with water whilst restoring important vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, all key components to a supple and uber dewy complexion. What makes it even more special is that you can slather it all over the eyes as well as the face and neck and even leave it on overnight for that really intensive effect.

      And then we have the spa-worthy Melatogenine Anti-wrinkle Radiance Mask which is my skin’s (face, neck and eyes) equivalent to a knight in shining armour!  Loaded with Marine Collagen, Melatogenine™ (a youth molecule that preserves the quality of skin cells) and Light Spheres, this really is a very hard working face mask. Considered an anti-oxidant rich reviver, the dreamy soufflé texture discovers every line, groove or wrinkle on the skin’s surface and immediately plumps it out creating a smooth and luminous complexion. Don’t expect to remove much residue after 15 minutes of application as the skin will have lapped most of it up!

      And last but by no means least Gatineau offer a  new generation ‘jelly’ formula face mask - Perfection Ultime Radiance Refreshing Jelly Mask which has a totally different texture – almost light and bouncy – which makes it super easy to apply and delivers an immediate burst of freshness. If you suffer from a tired and lack lustre complexion or your skin gets hot and flushed then the Perfection Ultime™ Radiance Refreshing Jelly Mask is going to be your new best friend this summer!

      Packed with a with a fruitful fusion of Pomegranate Pith Extract and Kakadu Plum extract both abundant in Vitamin C they are considered nutritional powerhouse fruits!  Vitamin C is actually known as the ‘beauty vitamin’ thanks to its incredible antioxidant activity and ability to protect against pollution.   It is a vitamin that always shows the skin some serious love, boosting the skin’s luminosity and glow, improving uneven skin tone, promoting collagen production and reducing inflammation.  This intensely cooling ‘flash’ mask is ideal for the time poor as a quick 5-10 minute treatment offers an instant quenching tonic and a nice big glug of moisture whilst the carefully chosen superior ingredients work their magic to repair and get those hard-hitting anti-ageing results we are all in the quest of!

      So if your skin is looking a little under the weather for whatever reason then it’s definitely a good time to show it some TLC with one of Gatineau’s salon grade face masks!  Happy Masking!

      Lucy x

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