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      Defi Lift Strengthen & Tone Collection

      Do you ever feel like you’d like to send your face to bootcamp and restore that tone, strength, and definition to your once firm complexion? They say 40 is the new 30 but sadly it doesn’t always apply to our face. Every skincare specialist out there will tell you that when you hit your 40s you can really start to see changes in your skin. Of course, the root of the issue is the depletion of natural oils and the breakdown of collagen and elastin the two proteins essential for a firm, smooth and youthful complexion. Think of collagen as the mattress frame and elastin as the mattress springs – when both are intact you have a firm supple bed but as one or both start to break down here comes the sagging. And in the case of your skin that means unwanted laxity and a droopy appearance.


      So, in order to make sure your skin plays the game you are definitely going to want to invest in Gatineau’s Defi Lift Strengthen and Tone Collection launching exclusively on QVC as part of the April Beauty Event! This 3-piece bonanza is an absolute steal at £69.96 (worth £294) and includes a SUPERSIZE Defi Lift Toned Face Cream, a SUPERSIZE Defi Lift Toned Eye Cream AND our award winning Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil. This collection is a dream come true for skin that travels south, as these three targeted hero products will work in harmony to restore a sculpted, smooth, and more elastic look.


      The skin surrounding your eyes is exceptionally delicate and requires serious TLC to preserve its fragile fabric. Drooping eyelids, otherwise known as ‘ptosis’, is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘falling’ and can be a common problem as the levator muscle (the muscle that elevates the upper eyelid) weakens with age and the surrounding skin and tissue around it stretch. DefiLift 3D Toned Eye Cream is a replenishing eye treatment designed to condition and rejuvenate dry, crepey under-eyes whilst visibly softening fine line restoring that all important bounce.  It has been infused with clever peptide technology, which holds the key to youthful-looking, firm, and plump skin at it encourages skin cell turnover and creates fresh collagen. This age-defying eye cream makes the perfect partner to your morning and evening youth-boosting regime.  


      We continue this all-star line-up with the SUPERSIZE Defi Lift Toned Cream, a nourishing souffle day and night formula which instantly creates an undeniable lift to counteract sagging via a cocktail of skin tightening biopolymers. To be fair this is effectively a ‘face lift’ in a mega size tube and is charged with a whole host of powerful actives including Corn Extract, Peruvian Tara Fruit Extract and Sea Moss, to name but a few which are skincare powerhouses supporting the manufacture of the scaffolding (the collagen and elastin), filling in lines and wrinkles for a seamless finish and ramping up hydration levels.  Think sculpted, smooth and dewy skin.


      And if you love the indulgence of an oil then the icing on the cake falls with Defi Lift Firming Facial Oil, a decadent regenerative oil, and a beauty all-rounder which deeply conditions, plumps and boosts skin elasticity without blocking pores. This high-performance formula is powered by next generation peptides which help your skin to deal with the daily onslaught of life (stress, pollution and growing old) all whilst reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles encouraging a beautifully supple  finish.  Infused with Bio-Retinol Bidens Pilosa, this tropical plant otherwise known as Blackjack, serves as a natural retinol alternative and this ingredient is rocketing through the beauty industry for its ability to behave like retinol but without any of the drawbacks – ‘it’s like opening the lock, but with a different key’ to keep those skin-firming proteins that start to slack in check! With the addition of moisture-boosting Alaria Esculenta Oil this is the perfect, restorative treat for all skin types, and is easily absorbed whilst addressing almost every major skin concern in one fell swoop. 


      So introduce your complexion to this trio of age-defying skincare – I can promise you it will become a ‘firm’ and long-lasting friendship!

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      Lucy x

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