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      Defi Lift Firming Eye Contour Serum

      If you are always on the hunt for the next big thing in the skincare industry, Gatineau should always be your go-to destination for new age-defying products that really perform. You will always find the latest and greatest in skincare right here and just to round off an incredible 2023 we have one final masterpiece to reveal to elevate your skincare ritual to dizzy new heights.

      Gatineau’s Defi Lift Firming Eye serum is a highly concentrated featherlight serum designed to tackle the myriad of issues associated with the delicate eye contour. A jewel in Gatineau’s crown this innovative 360 degree youth-prolonging formula targets pesky dark circles, tell-all puffiness, bothersome crow’s feet and instantly uplifts hooded eyes to betray all signs of ageing.

      The delicate skin around the eye area is often the first to show signs of wear and tear.  Not only is the skin extremely fragile and lacking collagen making it more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, but with over 22 moving muscles and 10,000 blinks a day, the skin is under constant exertion. The added environmental factors that pepper modern life including sun, pollution, stress, and blue light emitted from digital devices can all take its toll on the eye area, and it can easily look exhausted, often shrouded in dark shadows, bags, and swelling.

      Defi Lift Firming Eye Serum is a potent ‘genie’ in a pump bottle and its drill-sergeant tough on fine lines and wrinkles as it utilises an advanced Peptide blend combined with Paracress Extract that – similar to botox- actually communicates to tensed-up eye creases and crows’ feet and tells them to ‘relax’. We can all agree that the secret to great skin is all about what you put on it and Paracress (otherwise known as the Jambu Plant) is nature’s answer to botox as it contains high amounts of Spilanthol which works to instantly smooths expression lines meaning you can have wrinkle-free skin without going under the knife!  Sold!

      The formula has also been blessed with a magic matrix of skin tensing actives including Filmexel and Polylift (from Sweet Proteins) which work in unison to create an immediate second skin to help tighten and tone all whilst creating a veil of protection over the delicate eye area. 

      Fuelled by Horse Chestnut and Yeast Extract, if you looking to dust off dark circles and pat away puffiness, this formula is the answer to brighter, perkier eyes. Whilst Yeast Extract helps to increase oxygenation to the skin, Horse chestnut is very rich in flavonoids and really revs up blood flow, preventing the stagnation of excess fluid and toxins – this power combo is the best tonic to rediscover your radiance!

      The thinnest and (probably) most problematic area of skin on the face, means that a dedicated eye product should be an essential step in your skincare regime.  The gateway to your soul and the shortcut to a youthful complexion, when your eyes look refreshed, your entire face does so, if you are to looking to up the ante with a targeted treatment to help revive, depuff and smooth your eye area without over-burdening it then you’ve come to the right eye serum. This is the perfect partner to to grant you the ALL the results you've been looking for.


      Lucy x

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