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      Collagene Expert Ceramide Smoothing Cream

      Summer is finally upon us and it’s time to get outside and enjoy long hot balmy days in the sun, but what’s fun for you isn’t necessarily fun for your skin.  In the summer skin is more exposed to stronger UV rays, dangerous ozone, and heightened pollution levels and because the sun is so much stronger and potentially more damaging at this time of the year it can deplete your collagen reserves and make it vulnerable to damage.  

      Beauty’s most talked about buzzword collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body – its in everything from our skin to our nails, joints, and muscles and when it comes to skin, collagen, along with elastin is our padding and responsible for elasticity, firmness, and plumpness. From our mid-20’s onwards we lose about 1 per cent of collagen per year – and without this precious protein your skin loses the vibrancy we associate with youth and great looking skin - cue the panic!

      Reporting for ‘dew-ty’ this August is the launch of Collagene Expert Ceramide Smoothing Cream, a seriously luxurious, hydrating and skin plumping cream with a beautiful, comforting lightly whipped texture.  Flooding your face with three different types of collagen molecules, including the first ever bio designed vegan collagen called Humacoll21 there isn’t much this game-changing moisturiser can’t do – think ‘plump up the volume’ think ‘petal-soft skin’.

      Humacoll21 outperforms other leading anti-ageing actives when it comes to increasing elasticity and decreasing wrinkle depth but as no ingredient is best in isolation we’ve teamed it with Collagen Amino Acids AND a Tripeptide 29, a small three chain amino acid peptide, and a collagen identical cell communicating ingredient which literally bio-hacks the skin’s natural repair process by sending signals to cells to encourage the production of collagen and in turn help to keep your face firmer for longer!  

      To amplify the plumping and replenishing benefits we’ve added in a buffet of cherishing ceramides, the major lipid constituents (think of them as the glue) present in between skin cells that reinforce the skin barrier. We do produce ceramides naturally, but in a cruel twist of fate we run out of ceramides as we get older or exposed to environmental aggressors. FACT: by the time you are in your 30’s you have lost about 40 percent of your skin’s ceramides and by your 40’s you have lost 60 percent!  Ceramides are one of those ingredients that you just need in the mix as they are the spitting image of the real deal, and serious moisture magnets that bond skin cells together creating a protective layer that plumps skin and locks in moisture. It’s the secret ‘fountain of youth’!

      And with a hefty helping of Hyaluronic Acid Spheres expect wrinkles to be rapidly filled and skin to be rescued from the brink of dehydration. Your one-way ticket to a gorgeously plump, bouncy, and healthy complexion if there is any ingredient, we can trust to deliver impressive hydration at every level it’s these clever microspheres – they will leave your face ‘filling’ good!

      But it doesn’t stop there, collagen depleted complexions often look a little ‘out of whack’ so to help re-establish equilibrium we’ve infused our Ceramide Smoothing Cream with Arnica Montana Flower Extract and Vitamin C which work in harmony to clear the path for your skin to glow whilst ensuring it stays safeguarded against environmental aggressors. That’s a power combo with some serious ‘skin brightening’ bragging rights!

      A pillow-soft formula, and a welcome addition to our Collagene Expert ensemble Ceramide Smoothing Cream applies smoothly and absorbs quickly without any of the heaviness meaning you’re free to add make-up without risking it slipping as temperatures soar. The future of your supple, smooth, plumped, and protected complexion starts now.

      Lucy x

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