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      Celebrating 90 Years of Gatineau!

      What do you get when you fuse nine decades of deeply rooted Parisian skincare heritage with clinically proven professional formulations? Ninety years ago, Gatineau was born out of a vision to bring you unrivalled scientific formulas whilst harnessing the dynamism of nature to create superlative age-defying skincare solutions whilst building on the expertise of the ‘Institute de Beaute’ – the mission was to broaden your beauty horizons beyond the mainstream.

      A brand steeped in history Gatineau was established in 1932 by Madame Jeanne Gatineau a skincare visionary and the founder of the company that still bears her name, who set out to distil her expertise into the world of beauty. She was armed with a simple premise - to improve the health and vitality of women’s skin and change the face of the beauty industry. With her in-depth knowledge and disciplinary approach to skincare she collaborated with a team of pioneering biochemists to harness ground-breaking formulations fuelled by quality ingredients and built a small but distinctive collection of professional salon skincare that were to lay the foundations of the brand philosophy.

      Today this iconic brand remains a firm favourite in your bathroom cabinet and is most loved for its innovative formulas, unrivalled excellence and sophisticated textures whilst reflecting the brand’s heritage which is still deeply rooted in the art of French skincare. This is a brand that has truly stood the test of time!

      Landmark birthdays are an absolute must for celebrating and I think you’ll agree that to reach 90 is a major achievement. So, what better way to commemorate this milestone than to pull out ALL the stops and make this one INCREDIBLY special year to remember!

      There is SO much newness that will be landing at your door in 2022! The Gatineau gods have been waving their magic wands and we will be unveiling some of our hardest working formulas yet that definitely deserve to be on your radar. And it kicks off with the launch of a Daily Exfoliating PHA + BHA Glow Tonique, a leave on resurfacing liquid and pore-perfecting hero that promises to reveal smoother clearer, more radiant looking skin taking it from drab to fab! And if you are seeking that vision of youth then look no further than Defi Lift’s NEW Firming Facial Oil, an indulgent treatment oil and the silken lingerie of your skin care wardrobe designed to nourish while exhibiting a firming, smoothing tightening effect that will take years off you! Yet these are just two of an ‘assemblage’ of show-stopping additions that will drop this year so watch this space.

      Having just celebrated my 20th year at Gatineau I have seen many products come and go but there are some heroes that have never faded into the background over the years. They have claimed their spot as cult-favourite beauty products for one reason: they really work, and that is why this year they deserve a spotlight moment! Look out for these best-in-class customer favourites as they become heritage editions or limited-edition SUPERSIZES, embracing insta-worthy packaging, signature fragrances, and indulgent volume. The best of the best they all deserve a spot of honour on your bathroom shelf.

      And the birthday festivities keep on coming as later in the year we introduce two cutting-edge facial tools which provide a myriad of complexion benefits so you can add more than a touch of luxury to your skincare rituals. Channeling ancient secrets with the power of Cryotherapy these new tools will be traditions to treasure as they propel skin to new heights and transform your face and mood in a matter of minutes.

      And what birthday would be without an array of exquisite packaging, chic vanity bags, classy coffrets and luxury 90th anniversary gift wrap – you could say Gatineau, on an exceptionally special birthday, have got this all wrapped up!

      Lucy x

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