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      Celebrating 87 years of Gatineau!

      We are super excited because this October sees Gatineau, an absolutely iconic and high-performance skincare brand, ringing in its 87th anniversary and it is time to celebrate this remarkable milestone. To mark this spotlight occasion, we have fashioned the ultimate gift for the beauty besotted which has been carefully created for your skin’s autumn needs. Our 87th anniversary Limited Edition 5-piece Collection showcases a magical collection of Gatineau’s most coveted skincare creations at an unbelievable price of £49 (worth a whopping £174) and really offers the ‘gift of great skin’ so you won't want to miss out!
      The experience starts with our award-winning Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Cream - Dry Skin 30ml, combining an innovative blend of pioneering science together with nature to target multiple signs of ageing and deliver incredible results. Think of it as a rehabilitative treatment moisturiser for wrinkles, skin slackening, uneven skin tone and a lack-lustre complexion. Ideal for when the weather turns colder and the skin craves a richer texture, it has a rich and velvety consistency which leaves skin satiny-soft. 
      Next up and focusing its energies on combating pesky lines and wrinkles is our Melatogenine AOX Advanced Cream 30ml, this ticks all the boxes when it comes to priming the skin whilst acting as an additional line in your skin’s defences. Powered by our famous ‘youth molecule’ and full to the brim with powerful antioxidants, this moisturiser not only smooths away the lines of time, it protects against dehydration and environmental attack whilst bolstering your complexions luminosity, initiating unparalleled results.
      And for the delicate eye area we have included Floracil Eye Make-up Remover 200ml, a super gentle non-oily liquid which takes all the grimy hard work out of eradicating eye make-up. Remember the eye contour area is up to ten times as thin as the rest of the face and is incredibly fragile therefore needs some consideration of its own when it comes to cleansing. Floracil is wonderfully refreshing and cooling and it literally melts away all remnants of make-up and impurities without any harsh rubbing.  What’s more, it’s non-drying and non-irritating.  It is what I call ‘soft on skin and strong on make-up’ and leaves eyes feeling completely pampered.

      And speaking of delicate areas, the lips are notoriously prone to drying out, chapping and prematurely wrinkling so we have included Perfection Ultime Nourishing Lip Balm with SPF15. This nourishing, protective and anti-chapping treatment in a neutral hue rehabilitates lips, restoring comfort and moisture. Enriched with Beeswax, Candelilia Wax and an infusion of oils, it offers all the benefits of an anti-ageing and defensive lip treatment leaving lips super-soft and protected from the dehydrating effects of the elements.
      And last but certainly not least the collection includes our Melatogenine Refreshing Cleansing Cream 50ml. Even the most advanced anti-ageing moisturisers won’t work miracles if you don’t first properly prep your canvas. Make-up, impurities and environmental pollutants can smother your skin clogging pores and preventing skin cells from functioning effectively. Daily cleansing with our luxurious foaming cleanser packed with anti-ageing derivatives helps banish surface and deep down build-up leaving skin prepped, fresh and glowing. 
      So, whether you want to treat yourself or a loved-one, this collection ensures you’ll be top of the brownie points chart but don’t forget it is LIMITED so don’t wait!
      Lucy x

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