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      Celebrate Father's Day with Gatineau!

      Father’s Day! It happens every year, yet it never seems to get any easier! Dads are notoriously tricky to buy for, yet we all want to express our gratitude to them so when Father's Day rolls around each summer, finding that special gift can be somewhat difficult.  But this year, instead of buying the stereotypical standard box of handkerchiefs or golf balls why not indulge your dad with the gift of healthy skin?  
      After all, men are certainly not immune to a few breakouts, indentations and wrinkles and yet the structure of a man’s skin is very different to a woman’s skin. In their favour they have about 25% more thickness to their skin than a woman’s - (this is caused by the high level of testosterone hormone in the body), and they also have a much higher collagen density in their skin (which just seems incredibly unfair!). With this in mind men should look years younger than women of the same age BUT as most men are less savvy when it comes to using a refined skincare regime and don’t always protect their skin against harmful UV rays it is quite often not visible! 
      Men also have larger pores and produce more sebum (oil) which can lead to a more problem-prone skin, breakouts and congestion. And then of course men have lots of facial hair and regular shaving (especially with harsh shaving products) can cause unwanted stress, impair the skin’s barrier function and lead to sensitivity and irritation.
      With all of this in mind, there can be no question that this year your dad deserves the gift of pampering and grooming and so enter Gatineau’s Father’s Day Skincare Collection, a sublime grooming set containing a collection of three essential skincare products that will work perfectly together to visibly improve the look and feel of your father's skin.  
      Starting with Gatineau’s Melatogenine Refreshing Cleansing Cream, this very innovative foaming cleanser can double up as a cleansing wash and a shaving medium so it leaves no excuse for being time poor when it comes to daily cleansing!  (We, as women, know the importance of daily cleansing regardless of whether you wear make-up or not but I think it is still a grey area for men – and it certainly will be a grey area for their skin if they don’t remove all of the build-up of toxins and impurities that clings to the skin of a daily basis!)

      What I love about this cleanser is that it contains Gatineau’s very own Melatogenine™ ‘youth molecule’ which was developed nearly two decades ago to help to preserve the quality of the skin cells and delay the signs of ageing! Genius! With natural extracts of nourishing Sweet Almond Oil it makes it makes for a brilliant shaving aid, as it stands up to the harsh effects of shaving and counteracts any post shave irritation leaving the complexion clear, bright and visibly detoxified.

      This has been teamed with our much loved Collagene Expert™ Ultimate Smoothing Serum, a super potent yet lightweight intensive daily treatment which fills and plumps any less defined areas of the face whilst increasing the skin’s own collagen production.  Encompassing a triple collagen complex, where each collagen molecule works at different levels of the skin, this really is a fast track ticket to deep hydration and a bright complexion.

      And what better finale than our very own Aquamemory™ Moisture Replenish Cream which drenches the skin in a cloud of moisture which can last for up to 12 hours. Encompassing the potent actives from Marine Algae it provides all of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals to stand up to the harsh effects of shaving, stress and environmental factors. Swiftly absorbed, it really does leave skin healthy, rejuvenated and fresh.

      ‘The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift’

      How to Use:
      Use Morning and Evening.
      Add a little water to the Cleansing Cream and lather up in your hands or with a shaving brush.  Massage in circular motions or use as a shaving medium.  Rinse with water.
      Apply 1-2 pumps of Ultimate Smoothing Serum to the face and neck and press in until absorbed.
      Apply a small amount of Moisture Replenish Cream avoiding the eye contour area.

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