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      Brand-new Hydra Aura™ Eclat de Soie Water Cream!

      What words would you use to describe your ideal skin?  Would it be soft,  glowing, plump and radiant? Those words very much describe a ‘baby’s skin’ and essentially that’s no coincidence because when you were very young it contained the highest levels of skin improving properties like Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin which all granted that baby-soft texture.  Unfortunately, not only does the production of these substances start to decrease as we age, but external aggressors such as UV exposure and pollution can accelerate that decline whilst disrupting the skin’s important barrier and first line of defence. Imagine the barrier is a brick like structure  - the bricks being your skin cells and the cement is the intercellular lipids which provide a water-tight seal ensuring the good stuff stays in and the bad stuff stay out! When that brick wall is disrupted or weakened with age it leaves you exposed, and precious water can be lost as it evaporates into the atmosphere ultimately leading to a parched, toxin ravaged and ageing complexion.

      Let’s face it, we are all chasing that unmistakable youthful, fresh-faced glow no matter which camp your skin type falls in to, but your products won’t bring out the best if they aren’t being supported by the right balance of active ingredients.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a skincare expert who wouldn’t advocate that the key to a luminous complexion is to  ‘slather smarter’ and include that daily dose of hard-hitting moisture in your skincare regime. So, it seems fitting that with summer on its way Gatineau are pulling back the curtain and launching the next generation of facial crème, and timely addition to the Hydra Aura family, a featherlight hydrator with the weight of a gel and the cushion of a lavish moisturiser.

      Introducing Hydra Aura Eclat de Soie Water Cream a refreshing water gel-cream and a dew-giving dream that provides a safety blanket for compromised skin, helping to re-establish equilibrium and allowing you to experience the rush of all day hydration whilst bringing a whole host of other beauty benefits with it. 



      What I love is the fact this is a really versatile skin solution which you can build into your existing skincare routine  - you can use it as the ultimate topcoat, mix it into your serum, layer it with a sleep mask, add it to a primer, combine it into a neck gel or blend it with hybrid make-up – the possibilities are endless. Gulped down by the skin,  this truly makes light work of enhancing your skin quality and striking the perfect balance and it slips effortlessly into your skincare wardrobe. (In the fashion world it would be considered denim because it goes with everything!)

      This fresh gel-cream has been enriched into our ‘Hydra Aura Complex’, a fusion of  high-performance actives from around the globe, carefully chosen for their effectiveness and results. Crafted with precious Barbary Fig Extract native to the Prickly Pear cactus plant from the far away land of Mexico - a plant constantly exposed to hot arid elements and harsh desert winds that has had to develop incredible protective capabilities to preserve itself from these erratic conditions. With exceptionally high Vitamin E levels, Barbary Fig offers similar protection to skin, crushing free radicals in their wake whilst the high nutritional content of Linoleic Acid  promotes a supple, hydrated and smooth complexion.

      Plumbing the sea for skincare ingredients is a popular practice to bring skin back to life, so the addition of precious Dead Sea Salt, derived from the world’s most ancient and natural spa is a very welcome addition. Laid nestled between Israel and Jordon, the Dead Sea is more a saltwater lake as it has no outlet so as the waters collect it causes intense evaporation leaving behind a rich sediment of salts, muds and minerals. This precious cocktail of minerals is rapidly absorbed by the skin neutralising daily exposure to pollutants and quickly allowing your skin to recover that ‘get up and glow’.



      And so, the marine innovation continues with the culmination of red and green seaweed extracts, carefully chosen for their ability to survive in hostile and moisture-lacking environments. Included in the Hydra Aura complex for their capacity to dramatically increase moisture reservoirs, these powerful marine actives feed skin with health-supporting antioxidants and trace minerals, to really embrace that ‘complexion perfection’.   

      And blending nourishing Shea Butter with humectant rich Glycerine this multi-tasking marvel offers what I deem as ‘top tier’ moisture, drawing hydrating water molecules from the air, building a conditioning shield between the complexion and the elements and sealing in nutrients whilst keeping the ‘bad stuff’ out.

      This to me is a real celebration in skincare innovation and if you are on the quest for a flawless, ‘breath of fresh air’ look then it’s all aboard the  Hydra Aura Eclat de Soie Water Crème train. And if you’d like your skin to  experience first class then I would definitely suggest synchronising your regime with Hydra Aura Eclat de Soie Sleeping Mask, a decadent overnight strengthening and rejuvenating treatment – now that really would be a slice of skincare heaven!

       How to use:

      With 3 ways to use boosting your skins hydration and radiance has never been simpler.

      1 product, 3 ways:

      1. As a moisturiser – Daily - Apply after cleansing

      2. As a booster - Face - Layer over your serum and/or under your moisturiser

      3. As a booster - Neck and Décolleté – Layer over your DefiLift Firming Neck and Decollete Gel

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