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      Brand-new Hydra™ Eclat de Soie Sleeping Mask 75ml!


      How nice would it be to start the day the right way? Experts say that a good night’s sleep is essential to both feeling and looking our best, yet sleep is a luxury I definitely do not get enough of! All too often we rush through the day juggling a million and one chores, battling erratic and stressful lifestyles and dealing with hormonal surges and these daily factors amongst others can really have an impact on that all important high quality solid eight hours of sleep.

      There is definitely no myth to that scientific wisdom we all read about when it comes to accomplishing that all important ‘beauty sleep’. And that’s because sleep and positive skin health are completely connected and actually controlled by our skin’s circadian rhythm (sounds complicated doesn’t it) but it basically means our ‘inner body clock’.  The hours we spend asleep are critical to the skin as this is when it is best able to repair and regenerate itself.

      During the day skin cells are in what is called ‘defence mode’ working to protect themselves from UV exposure, free radicals and quite frankly any other type of attack, but it’s at night time when we are safely cocooned in the comfort of bed that our skin switches to recovery mode and releases anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones to help repair, renew and aid in skin detoxification.  If sleep is disturbed then this process is affected and problems occur such as an increase in moisture loss, diminished barrier function, a dull complexion and premature ageing (due to poor collagen production).

      Gatineau’s Hydra Aura Sleeping Mask brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘beauty sleep’! This hardworking mask, with its decadent gel-cream formula makes dreams a reality providing a one way ticket to ‘complexion perfection’ leaving you with little to do other catch some precious zzzz’s.

      Harnessing a unique Hydra Aura complex, this indulgent overnight mask boasts a cocktail of natural yet effective ingredients to work their magic so that you can wake up looking like you’ve had a professional facial.  And leading the parade are radiance inducing and wrinkle smoothing AHA’s from fruit acids, firming and plumping Barbary Fig Extract and a hydrating blend of red and green seaweeds designed to protect, revitalise and rebalance skin.   

      Boosted with healing and calming Alpine Skullcap, an anti-oxidant rich flowering plant similar to mint, this indulgent mask soothes stresses and reduces inflammation to easily offended skin types whilst the strengthening benefits of Dead Sea Salt work hard to boost the blood circulation eliminating skin-dulling toxins whilst rebalancing pH levels.

      And in the quest to un-do the days damage of depleting the skin with that all important skin protection, Hydra Aura Sleeping Mask has been loaded with softening Coconut Oil, conditioning Shea Butter and protective Vitamin E which all help to bolster the skin’s moisture barrier – yes this really is the soft comforting blanket your face has been craving!  


       And so whilst you concentrate on a full night’s sleep let Gatineau’s Hydra Aura Éclat de Soie Sleeping Mask work the nightshift so that you can say good morning to your skincare goals and wake up to a smooth, supple, hydrated and dewy skin.

      Lucy x

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