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      Brand new Age Benefit Youth Revitalizing Oil-Serum 30ml!

      Who doesn’t love a BOGOF (buy one, get one free deal) so what if I told you that investing in Gatineau’s NEW! Age Benefit Youth Revitalising Oil-Serum would not only make you feel like you were getting an ultimate 2-for-1 skincare experience but resolve many of your serous skincare woes associated with menopausal ageing? Yes, ladies it is a fact of life that when it comes to ageing, men have the upper hand because as soon as we hit our 30’s and 40’s our levels of oestrogen (the feminine hormone responsible for pillow plumped radiant skin) takes a nose- dive and the tell-tale signs of age begin to creep in with the appearance of wrinkles and loss of tone, a lack of moisture content and the absence of an enviable glow!

      The latest age-proof serum from Gatineau Laboratories is pure genius and most certainly state-of-the-art!  It’s an exclusive bi-phase formula, which combines two distinct ‘powerhouse’ compositions – a serum and an oil -  into just one bottle thus creating an ultra-effective one hit ageless wonder! Because each formula has its own molecular composition and density, the oil phase (having a lower density) floats whilst the serum phase sinks to the bottom and they don’t dissolve into each other unless physically shaken allowing them to become one VERY hard-working product. (It’s a bit like a delicious dressing made of oil and vinegar which needs vigorous shaking before you get to enjoy and reap the benefit of both equations).

      Ask any cosmetic expert and we will ALL be singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to serums being the absolute principal of your skincare regime and investing in a good one is one of the most effectual ways to pack a punch and get to the root of targeted concerns. Surpassing all of my expectations (and you can comprehend why when you scan its plethora of ingredients), Age Benefit Youth Revitalising Oil-Serum really is a masterpiece and a stroke of blueprint brilliance, having been expertly dosed with a veritable cocktail of game-changing saviours carefully chosen to confront the myriad of challenges centred around mature skin. The potency of this bi-phase formula is second to none and bursting at the seams with a botanical bouquet of goodness in just the ‘serum phase’ alone which blends Persian Silk Tree, Centella Asiatica, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C, Barbary Fig and Chestnut Seed Extract each bringing a boundless solution to a compromised complexion.  


      The healing cocktail of hard-working Persian Silk (extracted from the bark of the Mimosa Tree, renowned for its vivid pink blossom) and Centella Asiatica (a tropical  medicinal plant also called Tiger Grass native to South East Asia) are real ‘skin allies’, quelling any redness and inflammation brought on by environmental damage, hormonal imbalances and stress.  And actually, Persian Silk Tree extract is roaring with other benefits too as it also provides long-term support to the skin’s own detoxification system whilst rapidly repairing protein structures (the scaffolding that keeps skin firm) against the effects of glycation (where there is an excess of glucose that combines with collagen and elastin fibres reducing elasticity and contributing to wrinkles) encouraging a resilient and bouncy complexion.

      Not all ingredients play nice with each other but when you do find the perfect partnership it can really enhance each other’s effects making it a winning combination. The pairing of Vitamin C with Vitamin B3 (otherwise dubbed as Niacinamide) deserves an accolade as not only have both ingredients claimed their place as daily essentials in skincare but when united they operate at an even more intensified level. Niacinamide not only serves as an anti-inflammatory blanket, but it also coaxes the skin to produce ceramides (uber important lipids  that strengthen and restore the skin barrier). And when you add Vitamin C into the equation this ‘double act’ goes into overdrive amping up your glow game, balancing skin tone and synthesizing truckloads of collagen for a truly contented and pillow plumped complexion.


      Imbued with high levels of antioxidants (and we are talking seriously high) nutrient dense Barbary Fig native to the Prickly Pear Cactus Plant together with Chestnut Seed Extract derived from the Sweet Chestnut Tree, both offer the perfect deflection against every day environmental onslaught whilst pandemic proofing your skin.  And Barbary Fig also contains a rare enzyme which plays a critical role in cellular regeneration as well as bundles of amino acids – the building blocks for proteins -  making it a true front runner to reverse the signs of ageing.  

      And with a new wave of gentler acids hitting the  cosmetics industry, this  expert oil-serum has been crafted with Polyhydroxy Acids – aka PHA’s – which are considered cousins of Alpha Hydroxy Acids   and a  breed of very gentle chemical exfoliants that carefully breaks down the glue that holds dead skin cells together creating a smooth and retexturized canvas. The difference lies within their molecular structure as the molecules of PHAs are much larger and therefore cannot penetrate as deeply as AHAs, so they work exclusively on the surface, without disturbing the deeper delicate layers. The beauty of PHA’s are their natural humectant properties which improves your skin’s ability to retain moisture whilst promising a sensitive-friendly exfoliation dumping dullness for round the clock radiance. 

      But your journey to a youthful lustrous complexion doesn’t stop there as the top tier of this bi-phase oil-serum kicks in with a  moisturising medley of Meadowfoam, Rosehip and Camelia Oil –  a  trio of exotic and non-pore clogging oils considered the icing on the cake as they instantly coat the skin in a cushiony veil of deep nourishment.  These conditioning emollients, full of essential fatty acids, are highly restorative and buffer your complexion from aggressors whilst bestowing a sure-fire shortcut to  a softer, smoother youth-preserving complexion.  

      So, if you are in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond and desperately in search of a way to kick your skin back in gear then you are going to want to embark on this bi-phase love affair! Age Benefit Youth Revitalising Oil-Serum is a multi-tasking ageless wonder and hailed as a new dimension in Gatineau’s targeted serum portfolio,  whether its skin smoothing, complexion perfecting, glow-getting, moisture inducing or redness reducing- this is an essential addition to your skincare boudoir!

      Launching exclusively in our Age Benefit Youth Revitalizing Collection Today's Special Value on QVC, shop HERE from 9pm on the 11th june.

      Lucy x

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