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      Body Care

      Yay, it’s finally May! The weather is warming up and it’s time to trade in those denim jeans and heavy jumpers for sun dresses and shorts! But after hiding for so long, is your skin ready for summer? From the gentlest of cleansers to the most potent serums, the finest of moisturisers and the most effective masks, chances are your face gets plenty of pampering when it comes to your skincare products but what about the rest of your body? The pampering and care tends to stop at the chin and for many of us, at best our body benefits from some kind of ‘off the supermarket shelf’ cleansing wash and maybe the slathering on of some arbitrary body lotion BUT that’s where it stops, and our body doesn’t receive anywhere near the corresponding care it deserves.


      The arrival of warm weather brings a slew of challenges and skin can take on a whole new personality whether it becomes oily and suffers breakouts, or it becomes parched, dry, and scaly or perhaps you notice that with sun exposure you are plagued with uneven skin tone and pigmentation flaws. Your selfcare ritual shouldn’t end at your face and taking the time to care for your body is an act of self-love in itself.  Not only does it nourish your spirit it can help you to feel more confident and in turn more radiant all over.


      Let’s start with cleansing. How many times have you stepped into the shower and grabbed whatever soap is handy without a second thought? The secret to healthy skin starts with great cleansing. Cleansing your skin in the shower shouldn’t strip the skin of natural oils or leave it feeling dry or tight. Gatineau’s Energisante Hand and Body Wash is a decadent foaming gel which will transform your usual washing routine into a self-indulgent ritual.  Formulated with a coconut derived cleansing ingredient which effortlessly cleanses and washes away all traces of impurities together with soothing Aloe Vera this nourishing formula immediately conditions the skin leaving it perfectly refreshed and hydrated. Considering the amount, we clean ourselves, it makes perfect sense to upgrade to a luxury body wash - you know, one that our skin deserves.


      And what about our necks? Necks for me are a dead giveaway – our faces are our lies (you can put make up on your face and concealer under your eyes), but our necks are the truth because short of surgery, there’s not a damn thing you can do about an aged neck. Notoriously delicate and much thinner than elsewhere on your body, the skin of your neck is susceptible to fine lines and creases, whilst its lack of oil glands leads to decreased elasticity, and early signs of sagging so in fact it needs its own dedicated solution and boy do we have it. Defi Lift Firming Neck and Decollete Gel is a truly iconic and supercharged formula and the holy grail of a neck and chest treatment (and quite frankly any area of your body that needs tightening). Packed with innovative skin tensing Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice, together with avant-garde ‘Fixilift Technology’ this combo powerhouse instantly combats the effects of gravity creating a second skin AND prompting an immediate lift to the facial contours whilst steamrolling any etched-in lines, hollows, and indentations. Think of this as a serious skincare workout as it revs your daily regime up a notch battling to tighten, tone, sculpt and strengthen this fragile area.

      Higher temperatures can rob your skin of hydration, while sticky, humid conditions can cause you to sweat more, which in turn leads to congestion and blemishes. Applying body lotion should be an essential step in everyone’s skincare routine but in the summer months lighter textures are much more favourable. (If you aren’t wearing a heavy winter coat, why should your skin have to?) Replenishing as it resurfaces, AHA Body Lotion is a weightless formula that’s going to make every inch of your skin happy.  Its impressive hydration is down to barrier boosting botanicals together with a nourishing and strengthening mix of vitamin E which has the ability to lock in moisture. This formula is fast absorbing without leaving skin sticky or greasy and provides long-lasting hydration while adding sumptuous sheen.

      And if your limbs are looking a little pasty or plagued by brown patches, bring them back from the brink with Golden Glow Gradual Tan. Part nurturing body moisturiser, part gradual tanner, this salon-inspired formula is perfect for tanning newbies, sceptics, or simply anyone looking for an impressively natural-looking glow. With each application of this nourishing lotion, skin is not only moisturised but bestowed with a beautifully subtle bronze, allowing you a buildable, streak-free application whilst helping you to imagine you’ve spent the past two weeks on a sunny coastal beach!

      And what if you could intensify and prolong your beautiful holiday tan whilst soothing and moisturising sun-exposed skin? Tan Accelerating Lotion is a multi-award-winning face and body lotion and your sunbathing secret weapon, as it speeds up the skin's natural tanning process rapidly decreasing the amount of time it takes to achieve a sun-kissed tan, not to mention, alleviating the problems of tanning vulnerable areas or being uneven on the front and back. Powered by a Melanin Activating Peptide and Sweet Orange Extract, these skincare heavy hitters work with your body’s own ability to produce melanin before you are exposed to the sun.  The more melanin that is produced the ‘darker’ and more ‘even’ your tan will become when you are exposed to the sun. This literally changes the tanning game, applies like a dream and with the addition of soothing actives helps speed up skin’s natural recovery process after sun exposure reducing the risk of peeling.

      And if you’re a fan of silky opulent textures then you are going to love Defi Lift Firming and Toning Body Oil, a nourishing body oil that promises a smoother, firmer, and supple skin. Bottling a bank of nourishing properties and powerful peptides this sensorial saviour help deliver resilience and suppleness to fragile skin whilst bestowing a delicate lotus aroma. Everything you are looking for in a body product is found in this bottle.  Smoothing?  Check. Toning? Check. Softening? Check. Age-Defying? Check!


      We have got all bases covered from head to toe – because every ‘body’ deserves the absolute best!


      Lucy x

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