Beauty Bible Awards 2023 – Gatineau Skincare

      Beauty Bible Awards 2023

      We are delighted to have won six awards at the Beauty Bible Awards 2023! Below are quotes from the editors of Beauty Bible detailing why they chose our Golden Glow Gradual Tanner to win Gold and our Tan Accelerating Lotion to win Silver.



      Quote from Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley, Joint Editors Beauty Bible


      Product: Gatineau

      Category: Gradual tanner - body

      Awards: Gold


      If fake – more properly known as ‘self’ – tans were a revelation when they launched some five decades back, gradual tanners have transformed the market nowadays.  Instead of turning winter-pale skin a stunning shade of carrot overnight if you were unlucky – copper/bronze if you hit the jackpot – gradual tans give a gentle, much more natural, golden glow that you can build up with several daily applications then maintain easily.

      But not all gradual tanners are created equal so we set our tester panels to trial a number and rate them according to a number of parameters. Which resulted in the top, suitably Gold Award for Gatineau Golden Glow Gradual Tan.

      Colourwise, all testers praised the very healthy and natural-looking, ‘day-in-the-sun’ tan, which typically took two to three days to build to the desired colour depending on their skin colour – the fair and very fair ones took longer. As they also remarked, it wasn’t streaky whether applied with hands or a tanning mitt and also faded evenly. And no ‘self tan’ whiff, thanks to its subtle fruity fragrance.

      Our totally independent tester panel – real women testing the products in real time at home – were also impressed at the skincare benefits in this cream-gel formulation from a much-respected brand. ‘I love, love, love this product,’ enthused one tester. ‘It’s replaced my old favourite gradual tanning product.  The benefits to the skin are ace too!’ Another said: ‘Lovely moisturising gradual tanner that feels like a skincare treat to use.’

      We’re sending many congratulations to Gatineau for triumphing in this category with a product that we’re sure will be deservedly popular with many consumers.



      Product: Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion

      Category: Aftersun/Tan Extender

      Awards: Silver

      In our experience at Beauty Bible, the product that someone uses post sun-exposure is what determines how well a tan lasts, as well as helping to minimise damage from sun exposure. (Less well-publicised: a tan extender can be great for ‘extending’ a fake tan, as well as a real one.) Gatineau’s product, meanwhile, also helps prep the skin for exposure – something to be used both before and post-tanning.

      So, this doesn’t happen every year – due to the vagaries of the British climate – but Beauty Bible testers were able to put Gatineau’s  Beauty Bible testers were able to put Gatineau’s tan accelerator through its paces ‘in real life’, during Britain’s baking hot summer of 2022, either helping to kickstart the tanning process, and/or post actual sun exposure.

      Testers on the 10-strong panel of women universally agreed that the product helped to extend the life of their tan, many preferring it to their usual product. They enjoyed the smell, the texture and the results.

      Feedback included: ‘Quickly absorbs into the skin to leave a light and non-greasy finish; results in my skin’s condition and the depth of tan are terrific. My tan sticks around for much longer and no peeling’, and ‘I found this to be better than my usual product as it easily absorbs into skin and keeps my skin hydrated for 24 hours. The lotion smells great and extended my tan by an astonishing five weeks!’ And all we can say is: wow, that IS impressive!

      Here’s hoping for great weather in summer 2023, now Beauty Bible readers have been signposted to this worthy winner!

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